Adventure 0.5 – Setting The Stage

Adventure 0.5 – Setting The Stage

Why 0.5? I feel like I need to set the stage a bit… clear the air. Do we know each other?

There is something I need to say.

The whole reason I started this blog is because I wanted to document my homeschool adventures on a budget with my daughter and to inspire other parents to do the same.  But also to inspire them to be the proud parent they are. Something we have never cared about is money, we have always made the best of what we had. I’ve always been the working one in the relationship until recently and this new stay-at-home dad role… I must say its amazing! I myself at first struggled and I guess I still do but we have fun every second of every day. The biggest thing lately, as well as what caused my rant, is to stop worrying about comparing ourselves to these ‘perfect’ moments we all see – because it can leave us feeling a little less confident in our own abilities as parents. That’s the last thing we need.

Parents need to be built up!

There’s enough on a daily basis that rips us down.

So as I mentioned I’m new at this, new to being home every day, new to having to run the house, preparing the meals, doing the laundry, managing the finances and on top of all that, having a child to raise. In my mind, before everything, she comes first. The building blocks of a relationship and home life start to crumble real fast if I let the housework crumble. Right? I’m the parent at home. It’s my responsibility. No one said a stay-at-home parent was easy as it will break most people I know.

I’m not going to even say for one second we haven’t fought because we have. Although it’s never long before one of us realizes it NOT worth it, not even close. You’re having a miscommunication… take a deep breath and talk about it in a Minute. We both honestly keep that thought of “what if” that person was no longer with you (YA!). It breaks you and you quickly realize that silly argument is not worth it! Take a minute, Talk it out.

I felt like that had to be said.

Although I need to juggle all this with still getting charlotte ready for school because I’m starting my at-home role with her at age 2. She needs to come first but there needs to be some sort of balance in everything… that truly is what this blog is about. From the dad perspective of course!

My point is, once I got out in the real world with my daughter… or online for that matter I noticed that almost every parent was COMPAREnting.


“Ya” – Comparing your parenting.

I suppose it’s easy to feel like you’re failing as a parent with all the perfect pictures online of happy kids, fun crafts & perfect family moments. Remember that behind all that perfectness, they have the same type of clutter as you!

I’m here to say you are not failing as a parent! Be proud of your clutter, be proud of your partner, be proud of the hard-working parent you are! Show your mess with pride! Be creative, DIY projects are the best kind of projects! Things don’t need to cost lots of money.

I’m here to showcase our Home Preschool adventures! Our daily journey & everything along the way! Over the next few episodes, I will blog about setting up our home preschool areas on a budget, the important areas, for when we start in January!

We’re excited to be following alongside other families who take pride in homeschooling also!

Thank You for reading!

Stay tuned for the next adventure: Adventure 1- Setting Up The Circle Time Board

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