Adventure 1- Setting Up The “All About Today” Board

Adventure 1- Setting Up The “All About Today” Board

All right Mr. Printer, get ready. You have no idea what you’re in for these next few months. You have been lazy lately…

The first step in setting up any home-preschool really is getting the circle time board ready and getting on a schedule. Circle time is one of the most important parts of the day in any preschool program. Whether you teach a morning session, an afternoon session, or a full day, your preschoolers will enjoy a well-planned circle time.

Our kids are important!

The HomeCEOAcademy curriculum comes with a beautiful and easy to set up “circle time” guide. Now this being said, I’ve fed/played with/watched Charlotte, cleaned the kitchen because it’s Monday (ya…I see you Maraya) and printed out this material, cut it all out by hand with scissors, set it all up and blogged it about it all in one day, I got distracted a bit…(ADD) but that is what it is. My point is that it was a breeze to set-up and I myself couldn’t be more thankful or happier.

I mentioned before that we have no schedule with our transition to Jessica working and myself staying at home. I’m starting to see it have a negative effect on Charlotte and we needed a routine starting yesterday. For this home pre-school to work I believe we will need to start with setting up different areas of our house, to be honest, our apartment is tiny (we moved here to save money and its working) but what’s important is Charlotte. Jessica works full time and is almost never home so already our area will be condensed…its cool really but there needed to be dedicated areas for each “center” of learning.

Here is my guide to setting up our “Circle Time Board” on a budget. It’s very DIY and I hope you like it. There are so many alternatives but it’s your creativity that makes it.

*Note* I have zero craft skills.

Things I Needed:

  • Scissors (razor blade helps also)
  • Glue Stick
  • Tape
  • Cardboard
  • Creativity
  • Home CEO Curriculum

It doesn’t seem like a lot… that’s because it’s not! We love our kids, we would do anything for them. You have to be excited for them every day and every moment! Starting with the circle board first thing in the morning.



Everything is dollar store or found at home. Cost effective remember!

These are craft scissors from a dollar store, they cost $2 and are a crazy decent pair of snippers. (Oh how I wish I had a paper-cutter but I don’t…) The scissors are the length of the pictures and were an easy cut. HomeCEOAcademy provides lots of room on dotted lines to cut between and it was easy.

I can say I had a lot of fun doing this, for the first time in while I felt like I had a schedule and also like I fit it, I’ve never felt that…


I managed to get everything cut in about 45 minutes. I felt like I was flying. Not happy with plopping Charlotte in front of a screen but she had a snack and a movie and I could get some work done. No pictures of that as my phone is mounted up to take these fine shots!

Just look at the brilliant illustrations, isn’t the artwork just the cutest!


I was happy with this progress and I decided to take a break. I have diagnosed ADD/ADHD and to be honest, I should not have done that because I lost some time. I guess I set myself high standards and I do honestly feel bad when I don’t get accomplished what I set out to.


I decided that the pictures needed a backing to help down the road. Once again… what is needed is creativity here people, things look better backed and all I had were cue-cards from the dollar store which fit perfect and they looked pretty decent. They added some stability/ support for my tape lamination.

This was done really easy by gluing the cards one by one and maneuvering so they were all even, I did one at a time and set them down, making sure they were in line so not to look weird when dried.

Now it was time to find a permanent home for my new cards. This point it is up to you to be creative. I do want my “circle time” spot to look cute so I’m trying my best here. A piece of canvas or cardboard will work although you get the point. Your creativity, your project. I remembered I had a cute pink piece of canvas in Charlotte’s closet room I could use… ill grab that.


Hmm….Kids. HA HA HA. Well, that was hidden and secret. Not sure how she found it but I guess it doesn’t matter and I’m not going to use it, ill just let her color on it some more.

Ha. Ok. Let’s think….


That I have. It may not be pretty now but make it pretty…this is where you can get creative.


I used cardboard, you use whatever you think is fine. I mounted everything up and made sure I had enough room & that I liked the look of it. Once laminated and mounted the “Today IS” stays roaming so the child can move according. (sticky tac, etc will make this happen) Everything seemed to fit so I went ahead and set up my tape lamination center. (oh that makes me laugh) We have always used clear tape to cover edges of books/etc of Charlotte’s to prevent ripping and it works. It’s cheap but be careful and don’t rush, it’s a one shot thing. Mine turned out ok-ish.


I must say this is an important step as children can destroy something and in the end of the day it’s your time and effort, ink, etc that goes into these so one-time laminate and you’re good to go.

I set up four in a row one above another even on the table stretched out the tape and carefully at once placed it down and pressed outwards…you can screw up I suppose and that sucks but try to be careful due to the static in the tape. 1 inch from the cards the static will grab them, so be quick. You can bend the excess over for protection and cut it off, I chose a mix of both options. I’m not going to lie, this took some time, about an hour and a half but was pretty easy. I mean come on, it’s taping. It’s worth it because it’s done now and they look great and more importantly they will last a long time. Charlotte colors on them by mistake I can just wash them right off.

It’s a cheap DIY solution. I’m now an awesome owner of “circle time” cards. Time to mount them.

This is where you can go your own route.  I’m of course telling my own story.

I took the cardboard and painted it black because the “cardboard” color was just plain ugly. Black paint is kid friendly and Eco safe as all of our products in our house. I outlined the edge of the cardboard with some ribbon mounted up with hot glue, then we mounted all the “circle time” pictures accordingly to the .pdf that came in the circle provided by HomeCEOAcademy. Easy as that!

It’s DIY, it’s ours and we love it.

You are free to make yours however you would like.


Here is our finished product.

What do you think?


 (ya “All About Today” is not straight but it was dark, I was tired and ill remount it) 

My Thoughts

Thanks to HomeCEOAcademy we now have this awesome board/curriculum that not only can we start using right away but will be a crucial part of learning in our home preschool. This was the easiest material I’ve found online to set up. I plan to set up a dedicated area in our house for this, probably in the corner by the patio door so we can experience “look outside” when we do the weather and talk about our day in the morning, a nice bright spot to start the day seems like a great idea! The illustrations are so cute and represent each element perfectly, I couldn’t be happier with them and Charlotte is going to love them also. I just know it!

If you think this seems like something you would be interested in doing make sure to grab your curriculum below and start following along with us in January! It doesn’t have to cost a lot!

Home CEO Age 2-3 Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

Home CEO Age 4 Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

We hope to see you there!

This was super easy if I can do it…SO CAN YOU!

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Next: Adventure 2 – Making A Schedule Board

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