Adventure 10 – Week #8 Brown

Sorry everyone we had an Emergency Room scare and this blog was delayed a bit. I’ve decided this blog to keep it small and share with you, our favorite craft of the week!

Time has really flown by and I can’t believe it’s week 8! The past few weeks have been some of the best times I’ve ever had.



Hello, everyone! Brown is actually a color we haven’t worked with really so this week was a lot of fun! Charlotte loved her brown dress and day one we dived into everything we had around the house that was brown.

We found some Toast, a horse, an owl, a bear, a book with cookies, a chickens, sticks, and leafs from outside!

Our favorite activity of the week was a craft that mommy and daddy made.

Toilet Paper Roll… Skills Cutting Craft

aka “Scary Monsters” (as charlotte calls them)

We have done a few cutting attempts on papers which I always have to hold. I wanted something she could hold in her hand (toilet paper roll seemed perfect) and then something she could cut (harmlessly without hurting herself or daddy)

Just look at all the fun she had on her first monster!

Cut all by herself! 

She attacked the mr zombie monster too!

The orange monster really got it! She didn’t seem to like him at all!

Just look at that face! (haha)

We had a great week and did lots of learning, letters “Ll” and “Uu” were in the mix this week and charlotte firmly knows the color brown now.

Our whole apartment is now setup completely learning through play.

Next few weeks should be amazing fun!

Thank You for Reading


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