Adventure 3- Setting Up The Theme Board 

Adventure 3- Setting Up The Theme Board

I’m not going to lie, the past few weeks have been exhausting as I’ve been trying to get ready to start our homeschool preschool in January. I have the desire and motivation to make it happen although a few weeks ago I didn’t have any direction.  I now have direction and what feels like a family of families. The support and the love from HomeCEOAcademy is unreal.

It wasn’t my plan to have these blogs come out in the new year but here we are, Happy New Year Everyone! It’s going to be an amazing one!

If you like you can catch up on my Christmas blog here.

If not then on to the theme board, I’m again going to say that I’m doing everything on a budget, and in a hurry mind you. I’m trying to use no money/little money and DIY household materials meaning anything I can use or re-purpose, etc. I know people plan for a long time to save for their Home preschool and are thinking about it WAY in advance. In short, we were not that couple. We took one day at a time with being together only just a year with a baby. I feel like there needed to be more time for sure for setting this up but then again everyone has a different setup, some are living with parents, some are in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment, some have the room and some don’t. We don’t have the room. In the future, we will look for better items.

Although I do believe there needs to be permanent/separate spaces. We can accommodate at least that I think. I want my daughter’s bedroom to stay her bedroom. Regular toys and what she’s used to, maybe some new ones from Christmas and what not. The living room is now our SCHOOL area. So in the end of the day, it should work out! We may need to shift things around a bit later on but for now this is great.

That being said let’s get this theme board set up.

If you have been reading along with me then this is set up and built the same way I did the daily schedule board. So I’m not going to tell you how to do that all over again.

I will say a few other things, though. Home CEO Academy has 45 different themes over the course of the year. This is an extremely important time for me as it’s a visual aide all week that we can continue to build on. The board we both can set up while learning and its displayed just out of reach in our circle time spot yet still in visual range as this in super important as the week goes on. The board has to be able to stay mobile in order to change it out week to week and to interact with your toddler yet I wanted it out-of-the-way once we were done with it. Yet she can look up whenever and know the theme and what is happening that week.

The first week in January is going to be RED. Home CEO Academy provides theme-based materials every week for the board, although this is a special time for you and your tot to gather any things that represent that color and display them on the board for the week.

I would like to have a floating shelf underneath my board but my building is made out of paper mache so that isn’t going to happen… *shifty eyes*

I again am using cardboard although down the road If I come up with something better ill just remake things I’m pretty obsessive compulsive. I must say this was just like making the daily schedule chart and I used all the same methods to make this.

Colors at the top will stay for the first semester or first three months and the objects around it such as the barn, peppers, tomato, etc, all the red objects you will switch out weekly as the theme changes. It’s really that simple and fun!

This is an amazing visual aid for Charlotte to interact with the same things all week and get to know whatever you put on the board. I have chosen to back all of the cards so give them some more pop and give the board some more charm. Although the illustrations from Home CEO are beautiful and don’t need any more sprucing.

I have to thank my beautiful wife Jessica for all of the help on this theme board. My shoulder has been acting up this last week and I can’t thank her enough for all the support in helping me out. It would not have been done in time if it wasn’t for her.

Thank You, Jessica! ♥

We have put this board together over time. It wasn’t all done at once. Clearly, in my Instagram feed, you can see up painting it one day and then a few days we won’t touch it. Everyone schedule is different and the time you have and spend on it is up to you of course. It has taken us a few days to build but for what it is from an educational standpoint, it does the job just fine.  Keep in mind when it was painted black I hated it when the ribbon went around it, I still hated it. It wasn’t until we started to fill the board with the theme objects that it started to come alive a bit. I myself and going to anchor washers in the corners of the boards and then hang them from the wall…. we will be moving half way through the year, maybe into the end of 2018 and oh my elephant mess of candy rainbows. I’ve moved 40+ times and I’m tired of it… (rant for after)

Keep in mind there will be a few last-minute changes before school starts on the 8th but I’m not ready to blog about those at this moment because I don’t have the materials.

This is our almost finished product. What do you think?

Red is in the middle of the board and is the first weekly theme, every other theme will go there as well. Surrounding it is the other material that fits with being red. Some material Home CEO provided and some we found around the house. You can do the same thing, in fact, Charlotte had a lot of fun finding red based things to display on our board for the week. Sticky-tac or tape will provide enough support for the week to hold up items. I am curious to see how long this board will hold up as I didn’t spend time on it as I did the others. I am always looking for better boards over the remainder of the year, although at the cost of nothing this works great for now!

If you have been following along and haven’t gotten your curriculum yet you can get it below. This was setting up the three crucial areas in order for us to really get the full potential of what this whole curriculum has to offer.   I don’t want to say there is a for sure right and wrong way because it’s not my program. I would never do that, I’m just telling my ways of what we think will work.

It has been super organized, easy and fun to do!

Home CEO Age 2-3 Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

Next adventure is going to be out in a day or so and is going to be wrapping up everything before we start on the 8th.  If you want to follow along head to the home screen and add your email to get a single notification for when I post.  Totally your choice.

I am also here for your support! Please understand I will also personally help in any way I can also, of course, I recommend going to HomeCEOAcademy if it’s a question regarding them or their curriculum because they will give you the best answer but in all other ways I’m here to support you and I would love to follow along your journey as well.

Daddy & Daughter are also on Instagram@dadrific, our daily inspirational home school preschool adventure are posted there as well as just our daily story one square at a time.

I am here for you and there are many families’s on the Home CEO Academy Curriculum and you are more than welcome to follow any one of our journeys.

Thank You for reading!

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