Adventure 4- On Track!

Adventure 4- On Track!

I like life to be simple and organized. I can admit I frustrate easily sometimes, that’s at least what I’ve been told. I never try to take it out on Charlotte but I do keep things bottled and that’s not a good option either.  So everyone may not like to have a routine, or a schedule board or even a plan for that matter. I know people don’t like to be frustrated, though. Not towards life, friends and defiantly not towards your child. It can be chaos enough with a toddler day to day and your approach can’t be frustrated or everything goes downhill immensity.

So how do you deal with it all?

I personally needed a set routine and something Charlotte and I can do together each day of the week, having it planned out for us. HomeCEOAcademy provides that week after week with amazing curriculum & a schedule. It couldn’t get better and I can’t wait to start!

So… if you have been reading along then that has been setting up the Circle Time Board, the Daily Schedule Chart, and the Theme Board. Three major parts you NEED setup in order to get on a schedule and stop ripping out your hair. HomeCEOAcademy has made all of this so easy, the fine ladies were here every step of the way!

Although I’m not done yet. I needed a way to mount the board to the walls. For some, this is easier than others. (yes I have the tools and know-how)  it’s just my building is made out of paper mache as I mentioned earlier, you’re probably thinking- what?  Let me explain… its a very old building in the city, its well maintained although it’s just old and it’s nearly impossible to mount to the walls as it turns into a crumbly mess of death and destruction. Tap-con or not. I will figure it out because I’m mounting THESE and they will look awesome!

I needed to figure out how to mount these. As a normal person could nail these suckers to the wall. I can’t do that, plus it’s kinda dangerous. I need screws. Long LONG screws that will mount into my mache building. Rounded ends to make sure they are safe screws… as safe as they can be, plus there out of reach. Although screws won’t just mount up nice against cardboard so I needed something else… I needed a washer…or “think Cody think…what else would work” HA!


Thank You, Jessica, for the tip as they will work perfectly! I mocked up where I wanted them and slightly pressed down to get the inner circle and then cut it out by hand, as I’m made of whimper in the evening and it hurt my hand. (haha, although these work perfect!) 

If you’re unfamiliar with a grommet then here they are. Bag of 10 (front and back) at Walmart cost $3. They have two sides and are used for many things. I used them for my board. Now my idea was a flat washer, (like a chrome washer glued on in the same spot) then the middle punched out, seemed simple but these were way better, I used 6 in total.

I hot glued these on, they are not going to go anywhere and they ended up making the boards pop with the added gold look.  This is a much better idea as it supports the front and the back very nice, plus when I screw them to the wall they won’t move!

Welcome To Our Circle Time Corner!

Theme board on top. Underneath is All About Today board with weekly days and all appropriate weather elements.

Daily Schedule Board is on the other wall as it’s just as tall as Charlotte. She loves reaching up for breakfast. (hehe) We made that out self, HomeCEOAcademy provides a much better one although I’m proud of mine and are going to use it. The decision didn’t come lightly as one HomeCEO provides looks truly amazing! Mine is wrapped in fabric with 22 magnets on the back empty side where the arrow goes, so Charlotte can just slap the arrow and it will stick NO issue, also one on the arrow.  The Daily Schedule Chart banner on top was made by dad and laminated.  (Dad has adobe skills)

Just outside of the frame where I’m standing is the bamboo divider you see in pictures on our Instagram, it’s Charlotte’s art desk area, it’s at my feet, to the left.

To the right (out of the picture) is our Centers corner by our fish tank, it also has the map of the world of animals and it will be better converted to a bit, but now it function as cleared out space I can work with later on.

Note* Keep in mind this used to be our bedroom/where our fish tank was and I’ve moved a lot to make this little cute corner!

Now, if you have been reading along this entire time then feel free to go your own route with things. We choose DIY and cheap as we don’t have a lot of money. That has never impacted the amount fun we have and the total cost minus the curriculum was $24 ($18 magnets, $3 screws & $3 grommets) That’s it, Honest. I suppose you could find cheaper magnets but I’m amazon addicted… and it just happens. (haha)

Charlotte was using the boards as soon as they were made to get her used to them. They were just on the floor leaned against the wall in this space, to get her used to this corner.  We added the magnets and I needed to have the banner to make it look complete. (id be happy to share my silly banner with other HOMECEOAcademy family’s if they need or want it ) We both have been going over to daily to interact and it’s been a hit ever since they were made, it gave Charlotte instant stabilization. I could see it even if she didn’t understand it!

I can’t wait to start officially in a few days, we have everything printed and organized and all three of us are so pumped! If I could run on my walls I would. If I were to try the building might collapse. (haha) 

On Track!

That being I really feel like we are on track now and one other thing I might say is this….every parent has different strengths and weaknesses and so does your child if all parents parented the same that would be SO boring. All of our kids would be the same in a sense and that sounds insane. Right? Ya, they would have their own personalities but I hope you get my point. It’s your style and uniqueness that makes your child great and what makes this world great. If every kid grew up to be the same then this world would have no diversity and it would be so SO lame. It’s what you do every day and at every moment that shapes that little one into what they will become.

Homeschool is the perfect opportunity to focus on those strengths and weaknesses.

I hope you grab your curriculum with the links I’ve provided below and follow along with us!

Home CEO Age 2-3 Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

Our daily daddy & daughter homeschooling preschool days will be posted daily on Instagram@dadrific, and there will be weekly blog posts at the end of each week summing up the whole week, every week! A daily blog didn’t make sense but a weekly one does as it allows dad to keep track and it will be put together way better that way.  It also allows the other families a chance to read along on the weekend when they might have time before the next week starts!

Please Comment if anything you have seen sparked an interest!

Thank You♥

Next Adventure- Week 1 RED

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