Adventure 6- Week #2 Blue

Adventure 6- Week #2 Blue

The second week is over! The second week was so much fun, it was a night and day change for us. That being said we did have a few tantrums although I choose to not post about those. Life is too short to focus on the negatives. I choose to only post the good stuff!

If you read last week’s blog about “Red” week then I promised a short and sweet blog this week.

Let’s Explore Blue!

I pushed too hard the first week with weird expectations. I do adapt fast and before I ruined the whole experience I stepped back. This week I focused on her strengths and left everything else out completely.

This week was totally different and this is the part that makes me happy. It makes better sense if you have been reading since the beginning although I scoured the internet all the time to find different activities for charlotte to do and it was exhausting. HomeCEOCurriclm is so well put together, organized and there has been so much time devoted into the curriculum that it makes it SO EASY for me so structure a routine that fits for OUR FAMILY!

Many other families are amazed also and tailoring the curriculum to fit their needs also. It’s not just ME! Families are posting their progress on HomeCEO Academy’s Instagram

Just want to get started? Get your curriculum here or continue reading our week below…

It’s blue week and we take is seriously around here, even daddy has on blue, blue shirt, blue pants & blue socks! Really! 

We started each day as always with theme based food for the week. This week being blue she had blueberry muffins and blueberries for breakfast! “They were so yummy dadtty, thank you dadtty” said charlotte.  They were darn good I must say and I enjoy switching up the food as the week goes on. “Yes she says dadtty, it sounds British and its the most adorable thing of life!” 

After breakfast, we engage our theme board/ our letters and sounds tub. It may not be a fancy yet, but it is a bin full of what she needs to replicate language and sounds.

One of Charlotte’s strengths is Fine Motor and the curriculum has lots to choose from in this category for the week, easily laid out! We focused on Fine Motor all week. One afternoon we took on the blue craft for the week. Charlotte honed her skills cutting and pasting, she was able to be creative and just have fun! She is the best girl putting away her glue stick… every single time she uses it…. haha. (All of the activities are done side by side and always supervised!) Daddy helps cut the large pieces and we practice cutting together with her scissors and we had whale splashes of fun!

Is playdough popular in your house? Do you happen to make your own playdough? We do! Did you know it improves fine motor development?

Yes as the little ones play they are secretly building up strength in all the tiny hand muscles and tendons, making them ready for more complex tasks later on such as writing and scissors. Playdough can be squashed, squeezed, rolled, flattened, chopped, cut, scored, raked, punctured, poked and shredded! Each one of these different actions aids fine motor development in a different way, not to mention hand-eye co-ordination and general concentration!

One of Charlotte’s favorite things to do is Wake Up Warm Up flash cards (on the left), we have SO much fun with these as speech is very important to me. I stuttered and remember taking classes as a child, it was the worst time of my life. We try to incorporate real-ish objects to simulate the best we can. We always practice language and it’s always fun. I’m glad she doesn’t get upset trying to say words. Every family will have different objects then can add along, although it’s always neat to see what other families do! Shadow Match (on the right) is a huge hit here also and I hope that both of these never stop HomeCEO. We love them.

Color sorting is a Skills Practice and probably the best activity there is. Sorting colors has many advantages to it, making your child smarter at every sort. Although Charlotte rips through this in less than 20 seconds now and it’s the second week. I wanted to keep up that fire she has for sorting with trying something else/new. Fine Motor week and I decided to do the same sorting we have been doing.  Although this time I attached the pictures to clothespins and had her sort that way. (Tiny bit of sticky-tac, took two minutes) This was massively entertaining to her.  “Something new!” she must have thought.

The clothes pins provided hand-eye coordination and were new and exciting for both of us!

This activity was done on the back of our Discovery Kids Fabric Activity World Map. Chief lady in charge Maraya from HomeCEOAcademy has this same map for her little one. It’s an awesome map of the world. (Click the picture for more information.) 

Charlotte struggled at first to learn how to pinch and just ripped them down although after a few moments of silly teaching she started getting the hang of it and sorting just like she did before. In that moment I sat back and smiled and felt really good! It made me feel really good inside! This was a great week for the both of us. I focused on what’s she is good at and on building her up!

…and by just stepping back and she has built me up all week too!

I will try my best to keep the activities fresh and different each week. Home CEO Academy provides such brilliant well put together curriculum that I can just focus on the learning and keep everything else fun!

Thank You, Home CEO Academy!

Please comment and tell me what you thought of this week?

Comments encourage me to keep blogging! Any feedback is good feedback!

Thank You♥

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