Adventure 7- Week #3 Yellow

Adventure 7- Week #3 Yellow

One more week is done and in the books. This week we learned about all things yellow! Monday started off very bright and sunny! (thank you weather) as It’s been misbehaving lately. We had a blast this week!

Come and see what we learned this week!

Let’s Explore Yellow!

Last week was great, but this week kicked that week’s butt!

Yellow is very bright and our house was looking especially bright this week with everything displayed. The start of the week started off great and my entheastic little girl started really misbehaving mid week and I wasn’t sure what to do. I eventually figured out how to solve that mischevious curiosity for life.


More on that later although the start of the week was great fun! We were really excited to start the week, Charlotte especially!

Continuing to work with her strengths this week I took a good long look at last week and I kept this week the same, with a few variables. Still, her favorite thing to do is work with playdough, we spent a good 2 hours a day just being crazy silly learning with playdough. Her tiny little hands are getting ridiculously strong.

As a dad, what blows me away is her appreciation for some squishy yellow dough. The ability to make a new color each week from scratch and have Charlotte knead the play dough with flour after is so much fun! Ya, we make one hell of a mess but who cares! Life’s too short to care about a mess vs how happy it’s making our kids!

Home CEO Academy provides some egg-tastic curriculum that helps Charlotte shape her creativity into some beautiful playdough works of art. I am finding that regardless of the time we choose to do this it promotes play by allowing her to BE HERSELF and allow my little hyperactive child to slow down and play, using a range of her senses and skills.

So I mentioned above that Charlotte was misbehaving mid week and I wasn’t sure what to do. I eventually figured out how to solve that mischevious curiosity for life.


Color sorting is a very important part of the curriculum in my eyes because it develops fine motor, hand-eye coordination, concentration, language development and even mathematics. It’s really everything wrapped up into one, in a sense. Charlotte has rocked these since day one and blown both mom and dad away! I feel like she was getting board and that can’t be because it’s only week three. Cleary I needed a change.

Three packs of magnets of Canadian Dollarrama is $3.75. They actually have little foam in between the plastic and magnet to provide some cushion. I took what HomeCEO Academy provided and glued them onto construction paper to thicken them. I suppose cardstock, cardboard, cereal box, anything would work.

This didn’t take much time at all, 20 minutes to do all the cutting and such. Even the crayon and bus puzzle I did this with also so she could use them over and over again, sorting all week long.

I added a tiny bit of sticky-tac to the back of each little magnet and fixed the new sorting circles to them. Was easy.

The tri-sort was on the magnetic board in the living room and was one of her favorite things to do all week! The other puzzles for the week were on the kitchen fridge. She loved the fridge magnets the most I think. They were simple three pieces puzzles that she has done so many times now! She really does loves them Home CEO Academy!

That more or less was our week! It was a lot of fun and as we build each other up I will continue to introduce new activities and try more to get into the mindset of a toddler.

I mean, parents with kids should be very proud!

“It takes a special kind of brain to be both a kid and an adult!” -Cody Thomas

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Please share and tell me your thoughts on this week?

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