Adventure 8- Week #4 Penguins

Adventure 8- Week #4 Penguins

This week was a frosty one. I mean it was literally freezing outside and what better week for penguins then this week!

We had a relaxed wobbley week.

Let’s Explore Penguins

Sick Penguin

Our little penguin was feeling ill and not her normal self this week, although we still learned lots about penguins!

Last week’s blog taught my little one the color yellow! This week is Week 4 and it started off great as charlotte was excited to see something different on her theme board. It wasn’t just a color for once. She was very excited and curious to know what this creature was on her board!

Enthusiastic to start she scarfed down her breakfast because circle time is next and that means…


Oh, I love penguins so much! They have been my favorite since a child, I truly find them fascinating. Charlotte was eager to get over to the floor and learn all about them. Fully emerging in the glorious flightless birds.

Fun Fact–Did You Know?

Between staying warm, raising chicks, finding food and avoiding predators, a penguin’s life may not sound like much fun.  But penguins have some playful pastimes – many of which are surprisingly similar to human hobbies!

Tobogganing:  Penguins lie on their belly and toboggan through the ice and snow.  This helps them move quickly.

Surfing:  Penguins are often seen surfing through the waves onto land.

Diving:  Penguins dive off cliffs and ice flows into the water, hop back up onto the land and dive down again.  Line-ups for good diving spots can get very long!

This week for the HomeCEO Academy was “PLANNING” which means a week off their curriculum. It’s a great time to get everything sorted for the next unit. I took this time “OFF” also as I had lots to catch up on. We still did the curriculum here and there although Tuesday night Charlotte came down with an illness and wasn’t herself the rest of the week, even currently as I write this she is a booger mess.
Pingu Crying

I wasn’t going to push her by any means although I still took the time to set everything up and let her approach them when necessary. When she does I drop what I’m doing and attend said activities with full positivity. Playdough mats again saved the moment when life failed dad. I feel like I say “playdough” and the tantrum or moment of toddler panic is solved, …at least for now!

The highlight of our week was a Gross Motor activity.

HomeCEO Academy provided a fishing game with this week’s unit.  Jessica colored herself, and then I laminated. I now have reusable fish for other games. This is very DIY although was fun for the both of us. She played the game several times and now totally gets the idea of fishing. It was all great silly fun, secretly she is learning. I added some packing materials into the bucket.

Found A mini stick. Rope.

Added Hot glue and 2 magnets and BAM, you have a fishing rod!

I’m sure you can create a better make-shift game for your child although this is what I had.

We honestly had a pretty relaxed week. I feel like we were the only family doing the penguin unit this week although we had a great time and learned a lot. I made penguin flash cards, we googled penguins, watched penguin movies, played with ice cubes(for a moment), acted like penguins and wobbled around, sang penguin songs and even managed to get to the store and buy some fish for dinner.

All in all, it was a very penguin week and we had a blast.

We learn about everything green next!


Comments encourage me to keep blogging! I like a conversation.

Are you homeschooling your kids? Do you wish that you could?

How was your week?

Next Adventure 9- Week #5 Green

Thank You♥

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  1. This is brilliant! I too have a ridiculous strong passion for all things penguin! As far as I’m concerned they’re better than sliced bread!!
    *SAD FACT ABOUT ME – at 26 years old I still sleep with a stuffed penguin! Her name is Patrica and she came from the natural history museum (my other half despises her)


    1. LifeOnADime

      Thank You so much for sharing! 🙂 Penguins are the best, I just wish as a Canadian I could slide around on my belly’s like they do! Lol.

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