Adventure 9 – Week #5,6 & 7

Hello there,

There wasn’t a blog last week due to myself feeling a little overwhelmed with life as I deal with anxiety. I do keep my personal twitter updated more if your curious as to how I am doing.

We are still happily learning every day, even if I don’t share!

Week #5 Green

Time really has flown by, and I can’t believe it’s week 7 already! We have learned so much and watching charlotte blossom into this beautiful smart little girl is the most amazing feeling in the world!

I love being a teacher!

I love being a daddy even more!

Week #5 was green and we learned so much! I am sorry we didn’t put out a blog! I will try and not let that happen again, although look at how much fun green week looked!

We made lime green playdough and went fine motor crazy! We even have a short video of our caterpillar counting!

Week #6 Orange

We didn’t take part in Orange week.

Personal reasons.

Week #7 Purple

The purple week was fantastic as is one of our daughter’s favorite colors. Every week we have been buying a second hand used to dress to match the theme. Going shopping for said dress is Charlotte’s favorite part! We have a fairly large second-hand store at the corner at we frequent it often.

A lot has changed in our personal life and with mommy’s work schedule so our homeschool will be getting back on track as I have a new schedule. Going forward I am supplementing our homeschool with whatever fun activity I can. We are staying with Home CEO Academy although just expanding is all.

I plan to make more free printables for my find readers and hope to share that with you in the future!

I only ask that you share your thoughts, good or bad!

The purple week was spent a lot outside!

The weather here in Canada can get crazy and we go outside every day regardless although yellow week we stayed inside due to the weather! We continued to work on her fine motor skills with the fine curriculum provided by Home CEO.

Just look at all the fun we had!

We learned about all things purple and Gave Violet the Puppy lots of checkups this week!

Over the last few weeks, the playdough mats have collected and her fine motor skills have been built up greatly. Before she couldn’t really write at all, It was just a scribbled mess. With the help over the weeks with playdough we dived into all the same mats with washable markers and practiced writing and afterward, she was silly and colored away!

Don’t forget playdough!

We still make it every single week and she has played with it using the variety of other fine motor objects that shape her little hands into strong miracles! 

She calls them “grapppiees”

It’s adorable. Have a watch!

Our next adventure is going to be the color Brown and it’s going to be an awesome week!

Lots to do!

Thanks for reading!

Next Adventure 10 – Week #8 Brown

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