Alphabet Sounds Teaching Tubs!

Order Placed!

Lakeshore Learning Letters & Sounds Tubs have been ordered, people!

Language is very important to me as I see it as the barrier of the world, and we do not have a world language as I believe we should. Although teaching my toddler language has been the most rewarding experience of my whole life. I myself stuttered growing up and remember taking classes as a child, I hated it. Maybe if was worked with more as a child I wouldn’t have struggled so much.

The pictures are of the first few weeks of our home preschool while I wrap up talking. The objects are what I have gathered around the house and I really have done my best.

I’ve been looking for a complete Letters & Sounds Tub for awhile.

Since starting home-preschool we have really focused on language and I can’t thank HomeCEOAcademy for getting us started! We will continue to use your curriculum even after our set arrives! 

I do believe in the Montessori type of teaching as well as Waldorf principles and have been doing our best with all of it. I’m just trying to teach “learn through play”, to be honest.

I know many of you have created DIY type letters and sounds tubs and you have created brilliant works of art for your children! I admire you! I really do!

I didn’t have that time! I am very excited to get our order and start learning right away! If you didn’t know about this set and were as shocked as I was, and let me tell you– I was shocked!

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From LakeShore Learning

Alphabet Sounds Teaching Tubs

  • $149.00
A is for apple, acorn and alligator…B is for boat, bottle and banana! Perfect for exploring letter sounds, our teaching tubs let kids identify and sort a variety of adorable miniatures, play memory games and build vocabulary skills. Each self-checking tub comes with 6 high-quality, educator-approved objects, plus uppercase and lowercase plastic letters…we’ve even included hard-to-find items like an igloo, X-ray, quilt and working yo-yo. 26 tubs come with a total of 208 letters and manipulatives, plus an extensive teacher’s guide filled with games, activities and teaching suggestions.

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