Be Inspired SAHD’s

Be Inspired SAHD’s

Being a SAHD is a job that most men can’t do. We are a special breed!

We have to be a father, …a mother, …a teacher, …a doctor, …a dietician, …a cook, …a maid, …a diplomat, …superman and the evil villain. We have to be able to change hats in a split second! We are able to tolerate projectile vomiting, getting peed on, nasty diapers and poop explosions.

We don’t only cook chicken nuggets and Mac and cheese dinner 5 days a week. We have the power of patience and can withstand endless hours of repeat episodes of Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer and Bubble Guppies and we willingly sacrifice our hockey games for the television viewing choice of our toddlers.

We have mastered the art form of hi speed bottle prep and are masters at impromptu kiddie tea parties or wrestling matches and we defiantly know more silly dances than Fred Astaire and Daffy Duck put together! We are tickle torture assassins, …and our hugs and kisses have magical Boo-Boo healing powers!

And this is a short list…

Mary Poppins has no game compared to us !!!. Neither does the average working father, …so the next time you’re feeling down about being a Stay At Home Dad.

Check your resume!

We have MORE talent in one arm than some guys do in their whole body.

Do your job with passion and dignity.

Offer no one explanations or excuses!

And most important, ….enjoy the time you have with your kids.

The job of parenting is over and done before you know it!

Frank Beil gave myself permission to share. I edited and did I make slight changes.

Please share this article with other SAHD’s!

Thank You for Reading♥

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