#CelebrateEveryDay – Global Parents Day

For global parents day, it was just daddy and daughter, we packed a bag of goodies and headed out!

I myself wanted to push a little further up the path and make it farther than we as a family did before. I had a smart bag packed for a full day and adventures with a toddler. Including a ball, frisbee, bubbles and many other things like lunch and snacks, diapers, etc.

We headed out early around 9am and headed down the path, the weather was beautiful, overcast with a nice wind, 13 degrees with almost no humidity; really a perfect day for a ride.

We both love rides and getting outdoors, my little one always waves at passing cyclists, it’s so sweet. We didn’t teach her to do that, just something she does. It really puts a smile on peoples face when they see her in her little seat!

Getting to a good halfway point we stopped and played at a park, seemed she wanted to stretch her legs a bit. She was up and down the slide before I could even get some pictures for mom. 

I take at least a hundred pictures each day of my daughter, this day is no different. We played for an hour at the park and maybe half with the toys we brought, and headed out, daddy was in the mood for biking and we still needed to eat lunch.

Further up the way, we stopped at another park and Charlotte met a friend! They played for a while and then the little boy left, which made a super sad little girl that still hadn’t eaten yet, so we left to go find a spot for lunch. 

Headed back down the trail I found a little path (as there are tons all up and down the river like this) and we stopped and ate lunch. There were some geese and lots to look at as we ate! 

All done our lunch and play by the water we headed home. Not to much after lunch, she passed out as expected and I just enjoyed my bike ride home! Was very enjoyable now that I’ve gotten used to how to ride with her asleep.

Once again thanks WeeRide for making an awesome product!

This was our Global Parent Day.

What did you do for your day?

Thank You for reading!

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