Distracted Dad #1- My Paint Covered Star!

Distracted Dad #1 – My Paint Covered Star!

This category has been here since my blog started and I thought I would have had way more to put in this category but to be honest sometimes you just never know how things will shape up or what will happen…

On this beautiful day, I wanted things to go smoothly, they didn’t… but I have a Paint Covered Star now. (haha)

This is rather long because I’m finally home alone and can write! Enjoy The Story! 

I’m going to start and say that I have diagnosed ADD/ADHD. I’m also going to say that yes it affects me daily but I really try not to let it affect anything but still sometimes I get distracted. I’m also going to say that I hate pharmaceuticals with a passion & I won’t get into that now.  I manage to not worry about it and not be distracted by being overall healthy, working out and eating healthy.

That being said if I slip up and eat a pizza or some fast food the next day it will affect me greatly as I’m off my game.  It’s hard to manage sometimes with a toddler although I have it mostly under control. The schedule HomeCEOAcademy will provide will get me the rest of the way there.

OK. That’s setting the stage a bit for daddy because that becomes important later on.

You clearly see she is covered in paint at the picture at the top. but what makes her a star? (haha)  First off, I’ll say I’m extremely new to social media and will always try to stay humble but never expected her to get any likes and 100 to me is a lot so for her to be featured on a few account is so crazy to us. I’m so thankful and honored for people to think of Charlotte to be thought of and showcased in their feed. If a story is made out of the picture or it’s the real thing that’s totally fine also, doesn’t matter to us. A story is a story.

OK. Now that kinda explains the STAR part.

This embarrassing picture of Charlotte was featured on two Instagram accounts, that I know of anyway. (if you click the respective pictures it will take you to their accounts)  The first account was @parentingfail. Thank You @parentingfail for the showcase of my daughter. This was a truly messy time and I hope your Instagram feed loved it!

Charlotte was also featured on a second account as well. This account is fantastic also, there are truly hilarious pictures on there. This account does an amazing job and you need to check them out for sure! They are @the.real.moms.of.insta and I can’t thank them enough for showcasing our messy daughter on their feed. They have a massive following and I can’t believe that many people have seen my child cover in paint. It so cool yes it’s so embarrassing all at the same time, I’m proud of my parenting and my abilities to stay cool and have it all cleaned up that day. Thank You for the feature.

I will also say that I make my own paint with food color and flour and to be honest she could have eaten all of it and been fine. Although what kid really is going to eat normal frigging paint if they eat real yummy food? Paint doesn’t taste good and I hope they don’t eat it. My paint doesn’t taste bad which I guess is a horrible downfall if she gets a hold of it. On another plus side, it cleaned up perfect because it’s just homemade paint. Much better for rugs, etc. Trust me. (haha) You can see the video of how I reacted on Instagram here.

OK. So what really happened? 

I needed to make room for our homeschool preschool. That story is huge in itself but ill make it short here, we needed dedicated spaces and I needed to move everything around. In that space was our bedroom, to be honest, it had our bed/end tables/fish tank/TV/stand and was a huge bit to move, it all needed to go somewhere. Everything in our apartment had to be moved, it’s quite amazing like this and a change we haven’t done and we should have done this a year ago, but its fine. I had to move a lot and Jessica said she would help me but I’m stubborn and I like to do things by myself and I guess prove myself when I don’t need to. I figured I could do it and Charlotte could help/ we would have fun with it!

It started off wonderful with moving everything just fine and I really thought Charlotte and I were doing a great job as we had honestly moved the bed, end tables and I was working on the fish tank. Mind you Charlotte helping is her sitting on the floor with a color book and cheering on dad and he moves stuff. It’s great!

Now at the top, I mentioned I eat healthy to steer my disordered straight.

The night before we sprung for pizza for dinner because we have been slacking with getting everything ready and our dinner did suffer a bit. Pizza. From across the street. SO GOOD. Best I’ve had ever!

It didn’t help me stay at all focused the next day!

We had mostly everything moved and I just had the fish tank to deal with and a perfect time for break and snack. As I try and feed charlotte every few hours and I survive sometimes off those nibbles! After snack she sat back down to color and play and be a toddler and to be honest it was somewhere when I was draining the fish tank I noticed she wasn’t behind me anymore. (Oh, I though.) It was so quite and I went with it, she probably in her room playing and being good, right?

I continued to drain the tank and this wasn’t something I could do lightly as these are my fish, they are my babies, I’ve had them for years and I love them too. One shot deal to drain and setup. I don’t have time to mess around or deal with a toddler covered in paint (haha) 

Although to be honest if Charlotte breaks eyesight with me at the park, I freak out, If she’s too quiet for too long I check on her and with the perfect combination of my disorder and a messy house this happened. Still not proud all the way at the end writing this. (haha)

But NO! SHE NOT BEING GOOD! (haha) Shes whats!?!? (To be honest, I had my phone and I record my moment for mommy) I just hit record and walked in and dealt with the situation to see what she had to say for herself caught. You can’t get mad at this moment because it’s what they remember. Don’t cry over spilled milk as I honestly say. Seriously! You might be thinking ya right, or I would have freaked out but I would direct you to my movies page and get in the mindset of a toddler, not whatever age you are. They don’t know. They are toddlers. Just kids. The right and wrong aren’t there and you shouldn’t freak out of having a negative reaction. They remember that!

We laughed if off as we had a bath, afterward I set up the comfiest spot on the bed with all the pillows. blankets we had, a bunch of snacks, a movie on the screen/tablet in her hand. probably the complete opposite thing most parents would have done but it doesn’t matter to me as my child is the most well-behaved kid I’ve ever met saying please and thank you for everything at the age of 2. I just needed to be able to clean up everything right away as on the inside I was freaking out!

Although messes like this happen because kids will be kids.

In The End

A whole bunch of people received a laugh and daddy got to clean up a huge mess! It makes for a good story and a good memory!

What do you think? Have you written about any of your kid’s messes?

Please comment at the bottom and I would love to have a read!

Thank You for reading!

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