Distracted Dad #2 – The Scariest Day Of My Life!

Distracted Dad #2 – The Scariest Day Of My Life!

I honestly thought of this segment (Distracted Dad) as more of a joke. The “my daughter made a silly mess” and was harmless, just a big old laugh for everyone. We have ALL seen the messy pictures, or at least I have the baby covered head to toe in diaper cream or maybe they wrote all over the furniture and wall with markers.

Ethier way.

That’s what I thought this category was going to be about! I never thought I would be writing this or have been in this situation. Keep in mind I have been in some terrifying situations in my life from car crashes to being homeless and to be honest, there has been a few that have shaken me down to the core of my existence.

This pushed beyond all of them!

The first Distracted Dad if you didn’t catch it, have a read here. It was harmless and she made a big old paint mess which I had fun cleaning up. It also happened while adjusting to fit our homeschool, I moved a lot around that day and she’s a ninja.

To make this short I wanted a more Waldorf setup, a learning through play approach and I was determined to set up different areas. I was determined to move the whole apartment around again. I do feel I can accomplish this just fine, even though it’s been a disaster each time now.

Away I went…

Moving, and cleaning as we go. Charlotte of course helps or plays on her tablet, at first she was helping and then she left for her tablet, normally will navigate to Netflix since we just added it. It really is lovely, she will go make herself comfy and watch a movie. I figured that gave me enough time to get stuff moved, or at least started.

“I was wrong”

Distracted I guess…. Even though this time I wasn’t. I was on my game! I had gotten much accomplished and was almost done. I had come in to check on my daughter to see if she was ok and she found…

Bucky Balls


Yeah! Maybe you know. Maybe you don’t. Bucky Balls when ingested can kill you.

Ethier way she had a few in her mouth, and smooshed in her hands, on the floor — here and there, scattered around.

Inside I freaked the f**k out!

“Spit them OUT” — “Spit them out!” I called as I rounded the corner and seen the disaster.

She leaned forward and spit!

I checked her mouth.

Made sure they were all out!

I collected super quick the magnets around to see if they were all there, keep in mind I wasn’t calm anymore, I was scared!

I was frantic and she could see it right away.

My cucumber was not cool!

I asked her “did you eat these”

She said “yes” (with a smile)

I thought …”Holy Shit”



I asked “did they go in your belly” (with hand gestures and trying my best to explain to a toddler)

She said “yes” (with a smile)

I asked how many did you eat?

She said “eight”

I thought…


My cool calm dadness was broken at this point because I know about these magnets and what they can do to your kids. They can kill them.

It’s not even a joke because they are rare earth magnets and stronger than normal magnets, just look at a few situations here.

She eats one — It will pass thought her just fine with no issues.

She eats two. Emergency Room.

She eats three. Emergency Room. (Picture — The odds of the magnets becoming dis-attached and being pulled though your toddler different ways skyrockets)

You get the point. Or you should!

She eats EIGHT!

Potentially at different times, ingesting magnets over random times and the thought of eight being in there scared me to my core!

They would be pulled different ways putting tiny holes in god knows what organs and the risk of death are almost instant.

I was shaken!

I knew she didn’t eat any after a bit because I counted them. That sounds silly and you’re probably thinking sure you did, But I honestly did because “Bucky Balls” come as a set and if you lose a single ball certain things can’t be made anymore and it’s like losing a piece to a game, plus it was my only fail safe to know RIGHT NOW if she didn’t eat any! I’ve had these magnets for 7 years and have kept them together.

Through the tears, I counted and they were all there!

I asked her “did you eat these magnets”

She said “YES” (with a smile)

I’m still panicked and freaking out as I called my wife to come right away, her work is a fortress to get into and to be honest that really frustrated me when I just needed to just a message through to explain what was happening.

Continuing to monitor charlotte!

I turned to google which was stupid because I already have seen the headlines over the years of kids and these horrible magnets and that just panicked me more!!!

I then turned to oatmeal because if she did maybe eat one then she always poops right away with oatmeal and I figure that would expedite the process of magnet removal.


Seemed smart at the time.

With Jessica now home from work we hopped on a bus right away because that’s all we had. Hospital is 12-minute bus ride, then a block walk to the E.R doors. At the time It was a blizzard outside and super freezing. I feel at life couldn’t get worse at this point. I felt my daughter was going to die, we were broke, we were freezing, starving, no means of transportation, friends or family. Everything really just seemed down although none of that mattered accept getting her checked out.

Once inside, of course, her Health Card was expired.


It would be! …or we grabbed the wrong one in panic, we still don’t know. Ethier way its Canada and Thank Goodness for the health care system. I feel if I was in America in this exact situation it would have been “nope– no card = no service, oh no you’re also broke — defiantly no service” Your kid can die outside.

For the record that’s how I see America. The whole thing!


Thank You, Canada♥

Making this super short because hospitals make my anxiety so much worse! My daughter helps me just as help as I help her! Looking at the art on the walls of the pretty wildlife and the fish tank they have now, which is new (and cool) — distracted me and kept me rather calm while mommy did all the registration and such.

She was in and X-rayed and out in a jiff!

Thank you x-ray tech for knowing Doc Mc Stuffins! –that really helped her stay calm! Cleary you know kids! 


NO flipping magnets in her belly! Happy dance and the happiest dad in the world!

I didn’t kill my kid!

My sweet little girl! You’re OK!

Besides being EXTREMELY THANKFUL, I can’t even put the rest of my thoughts and emotions I had into words!

Thank You, Kyle, who drove us home from the hospital.

The moment we got home we tossed the horrible demon magnets (Bucky Balls) in the trash. I don’t want them in my house, not even in a secure location where I can supervise when played with.

Between 2002 and 2011 there were 22,500 reported cases with this issue and even some reported deaths. Article here.

Just in the Garbage for us!

It was after the fact before I took the trash out I googled how to dispose of said magnets. Just toss in the trash, not a fan of it although I’ll never buy anything like this again. All other magnets, batteries, toy cars all the other things kids eat they will be most likely fine. Lots of reported cases of that being the case.

In The End

It was a terrifying experience that shook me to my core and it will be a day I will never forget. I am forever thankful our daughter is OK!

I wouldn’t fault the company for my mistake even if death were to arise. It would be MY fault and I’m the parent!

Thanks for Reading

Have your kids EVER done anything like this?


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