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An illustrator.  An entrepreneur.  A lover of cats.  Brooke Tomlinson is only 17 and in my eyes on the road to beautiful things. Her artwork is brilliant and everything is handmade with love from her soul! Her website is also brilliant and it’s one I’m jealous of, you truly make awesome work girl! She is this weeks feature Friday!


Why did you start writing/blogging?

I’ve always dabbled in writing, I started blogging approximately one year ago in grade 11, as an assignment for a school. We were required to post once a week with updates on our independent projects, and mine was a line of feminist merchandise I designed for my first Etsy shop. I absolutely fell in love with it. I ended up posting three times a week and connecting with some super inspiring people. I documented the process of designing and launching my product line and followed up with the results I saw over the semester. I started a new blog to document some of my new endeavors, and have expanded a bit more so it covers life as an illustrator, my Etsy process/progress, and some general lifestyle posts as well.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Now I’m not quite up-to-date with the current colors in the crayon box, but I think I would be Pale Fern (My name for Pantone P 136-12 U). Firstly because I love plants, ferns being my favorite (specifically button ferns), and secondly because I am incredibly pale.

What’s a great book or blog you’ve read recently?

Well, I love books and blogs so… Here’s one of each:

Book: My current favorite book is Wildwood: wonderfully written by Colin Meloy, and beautifully illustrated by Carson Ellis. Yes, I will admit I found this book in the 9-12 section at the bookstore, but it’s just so darn beautiful (and I think it is fine for any age)! The illustrations are magnificent, I just couldn’t pass it up. And as an illustrator who wants to write and publish my own books in the future, it really is a dream to read. For any of you who with little ones, it’s something I think the 9-12 age group would love, but it’s a good book regardless of age.

Blog: Aside from Life On A Dime, I’ve been obsessed with the Etsy Diaries by Jenni Waldrop from Fuzzy and Birch. I’m currently trying to get my Etsy shop off the ground and I’ve been reading Jenni’s blog daily, to get useful information as well as motivation for my shop. Her blog posts are funny and witty, and such a pleasure to read, but incredibly helpful! For anybody with an Etsy shop or small business in general, I would recommend checking out her content.


If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?

Definitely a cat (one from a shelter that found a good home, because it is SO important to adopt instead of shop!) But yeah, I love cats… I think I might be borderline obsessed but I can think of worse problems so I don’t mind.

If you could be a cartoon character, who would you be?

I don’t know if I would choose her if I was to pick a cartoon character for myself to be, but I know for a fact that if the choice wasn’t up to me and it was based 100% on what cartoon character I am actually like, it would be Tina from Bob’s Burgers. She’s an awkward teenager that is basically a cartoon version of myself, just without the freckles.

When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

When I’m having a bad day it’s usually because of stress, because I’ve got a pretty busy schedule (combination of part-time job, full-time school, online business, etc.). My first step in solving this is to clean my room and allow my space to breathe. After that, I give myself a break. Stop worrying about my to-do list for a bit and relax, live in the moment. For me, this means some alone-time cooking a proper (vegan) meal that I wouldn’t normally reserve time for, Netflix, a candle, cuddles with my cat, reflection in my sketchbook, and maybe a treat like iced coffee or a face mask.

Name a recent favorite tv show/movie/series?

Recent Favourite: the Office and Scandal (I Netflix too much to just pick one. And yes, I am using Netflix as a verb…). I like watching the Office while I work, it’s something that’s easy to zone in and out of and I am able to be productive but still keep up with at the same time. Scandal is something I watch when I can focus on it because it’s a bit more demanding, but it’s so good!

Old Favourite: Gilmore Girls (Again, I couldn’t resist…). I’ve watched the series a few times over so it’s my favorite show to watch in the background while I’m working.

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