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I wouldn’t be here without the influence of other people. These people may not know they played a part in influencing me to blog although they did and right now the only way I can thank them is to feature their blogs. If you found me and have no idea about them I ask you to please take a moment and check them out, a like, comment or maybe even follow them. Anything goes a long way in supporting others!

I am asking permission to feature said dads and bloggers on my site so the pages will update.

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In the sub menus from this page, you will find two more pages.

Featured Dad’s– Featuring awesome dads and their blogs!

Featured Bloggers– Bloggers that inspired me to start a blog! They are of both genders.

 Places I’ve Been Featured

Get Connect Dad

My first article was published on GetConnetDad. I am so beyond thankful for you fine sir seeking me out and asking if I would like to write. You have touched me deeply by featuring me on your beautiful site of 52 traits that we would consider for our kids!

Head on over and check it out!



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