Featured Bloggers

Warning! These bloggers are EPIC and if any injury, broken jaw or shock caused by drooling on your keyboard arises then you may NOT sue LifeOnADime, myself or my family!

Below are the featured bloggers I mentioned. I don’t want to say too much about them in case I don’t do them justice,  but if there here then they inspired me in some way or another and  I Can’t Thank Them Enough! 

Have a scroll down the page and take a peek at these epic bloggers!

Epic Featured Bloggers

The Chronicles Of Carmen

A mother of a beautiful girl. An artist. Carmen is an inspiration. She may not know it, although she was the first person to ever inspire me to start a blog. She was honestly the first blog I ever looked at and it will always be number one on this list! She’s an epic featured blogger for sure. Thank You for inspiring me!

Brooke Tomlinson

An illustrator.  An entrepreneur.  A lover of cats.  Brooke Tomlinson is only 17 and in my eyes on the road to beautiful things. Her artwork is brilliant and everything is handmade with love from her soul! Her website is also brilliant and it’s one I’m jealous of, you truly make awesome work girl! She is a featured blogger for sure!


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