Featured Dads

Warning! These dads are AWESOME and if any injury, broken jaw or shock caused by drooling on your keyboard arises then you may NOT sue LifeOnADime, myself or my family.

Below are the featured dads I’ve been speaking about. I don’t want to say too much about them in case I don’t do them justice, but if they are here then they inspired me in some way or another!

Thank You, Gentleman!

Have a scroll down the page and take a peek at these awesome fellas!

Awesome Featured Dads


A Dad of two beautiful babies. A dad with a significant focus on mental health. DadsApp is bridging the gap between us dads. It’s even inspired me to share a secret with the world. (in an upcoming blog)

Defiantly check him out!

The Rad Dad Box

A Rad Dad himself. An amazing father who has amazing ideas. Let’s face it, while the mother is gone it’s the father who spends two months holding the egg cautiously and caring for the young! He is a featured dad because of his brilliant brain!

I’ve ordered…have you?


A dad of 5. Yes, I didn’t mistype. Five kids! I have so much to say to this man and I will read his blog for years to come. We share the same DIY taste for life and his latest blog shook my head! Was eye opening and I immediately took a look at what I was doing! I will never be able to thank you enough for that! Never! Thank You. 

Awesome featured dad blogger for sure!


An awesome humble Canadian dad.  A dad of three beautiful kids! His blog is an awesome tale of a dad’s life!  If we ever head out west id love to meet this man!

A featured dad blogger for certain!


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