Choosing The Right Blog Name

Choosing The Right Blog Name

Struggling to pick a name? Need guidance? Why not create your first blog post, create a name and share more about yourself all at the same time.


What better first post then a post to explain how I chose my name and some history behind it, your name says so much about who you are and what your blog represents.

Why did I choose to really call my blog life on a dime? I noticed that a lot of people really didn’t explain why they came up with the name that they did, which is weird so i decided to share a little inspiration on how I got mine.

I searched online how to start; because “hey” we all do it… to start a blog and create the perfect name and I came up with misguided online generators which don’t give good representation of you at all and the other idea online was to brainstorm ideas on paper and the only way to accomplish this was to get “deep” & “personal” in order to create a unique name.

So I found this perfect straightforward visual guide that really helped me and I hope it helps you as well.



Well many of you may think we live on one dime and that’s just not that case, although I have been paycheck to paycheck for my entire life just like many of you and it didn’t get any better when we added a baby into the mix, so this contributed to “life” part the name.

Life also seems to change instantly for us, or “on a dime” as we call it… as in life is fine and lovely and the next minute its chaos, weather it be a baby or someone stealing your muffler from underneath your car, (ya it happened) we are not to sure why it happened. It happened to Jessica before I knew her and it sure has happend to me all my life.

So fast forwarding to “now” and trying to create that perfect name I followed the steps in the guide above and trust me I struggled & it took a lot of time, a lot of thought and lots of paper, but in the end im thrilled with the name and it couldn’t represent my blog, my family or our story better.

My point is be genuine.

I would love to hear how you got your blog name?

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