Food Color Emotions

Do you have food coloring inside you?

Our daughter has always seemed to understand emotions, but how could she? She’s only 2, even before two we noticed this. Toddlers don’t pick up on emotions until 2-3 or even sometimes later, so I suppose a bit of empathy she could justify although some grown adults don’t understand how emotions work, so how could a toddler? How do you explain emotions to a toddler or even begin to? With Food Color Emotions.
That’s how!

Ok. That’s probably not how you start at all but read on please… When myself or wife has been upset or cried for any reason our daughter, the few times it has happened will come over and try and comfort us. In some of those moments, it just made us cry more because it was truly adorable. Has your child at this age acted like that? We thought it was strange, the internet though it was a bit strange although there is nothing wrong with it at all. In fact its the way of life, there are emotions all around us, every second of every day. We were just shocked. 

So how do you explain emotions to a toddler, especially if they already clearly seem to understand a bit?

With Food Color Emotions

What’s that?

I will tell you.

(Warning – This may be too deep for some)

“We had her sit at the table and put a glass of water in front of her. I got food coloring and explained that you are the glass of water, and mean things is the food coloring. We explained that when you say mean things, a drop of food coloring is put into the water. I put a drop in and told her to apologize. She did. I asked her if the mean things went away. She said no. I asked her to try to take the food coloring out. She said she could not. Then I explained that even when you apologize, the hurt still remains. That it is best to never add the hurt in the first place.  We feel that she got it. “



That’s what I though too.

When I came upon this story I broke down because I realize I haven’t maybe been the nicest person in the past and I’ve defiantly added food coloring to a few people’s lives. I am sorry and I never meant too! Although it doesn’t matter because it shouldn’t have been added in the first place.


That’s the point of all this!

It woke me up a bit in a sense to no longer add food color to people! I’m personally drowning in food coloring and I can say its no fun! 2017 is a completely different shift in direction/perspective for me.

Although what I’m struggling with is how do you go about the people you have already added it to?

This next part I’m not sure how to go about so I’m going to save it for a different blog post.  If you don’t already know Mental Health is massively important to me and supporting others who need it. Please head over to the Featured Tab and take a look at featured dads and featured bloggers as well. Thank You.

That being said I could give a hint.

Have you ever heard of “Polar Bear, Polar Bear?” It ties in with DIRECT correlation with this. It’s a long story. There are MANY versions of it and they all differ greatly.

It ties in perfect and has a DIRECT correlation with this I feel. It’s a long story. There are MANY versions of it and they all differ greatly. A few are deep if that’s what you’re about and a few are childish.

I will place a link (here) to the current version I’m working with as were going to actually do this with our daughter! Credit goes to the proper author, I didn’t write the polar bear story! 

What do you think about this blog post? Do you understand emotions? Does your toddler understand emotions?

It’s a vast topic and I don’t have a psychology degree in human emotions by any means.

Thank You for reading♥

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