Free Printables! – Cook The Alphabet: B is for Broccoli – NOT made by Daddy!

Cook The Alphabet: B is for Broccoli

We all interact with food several times a day. Right?  Why not turn it into a learning opportunity with this FREE lesson plan!




To be honest we don’t have the space to interact as much as we would like with our daughter in the kitchen because it is tiny, although we do our best! A lot of baking is accomplished and our daughter does have a small kitchen with tons of accessories, although any time there is an opportunity to learn kitchen based things it gets me very excited.

This lesson plan was shared with me by a good friend and Homemaking Momma Amanda and it really is free!

All you need to do is sign up at Whats Cooking with Kids Facebook page and you will be sent an email.

Once confirmed you will be sent a .pdf with the Free Lesson Plan instantly.

That’s it.

Easy right!

This week is green themed for our homeschool preschool and what fits in better than a broccoli lesson plan! This morning Charlotte and I set into the world of Broccoli!

She absolute adored the Counting and Sorting little broccolis with bugs on them. If you knew her personality, she was kidding although said “eww bugs”  as she happily counted, sorted and then pasted them all over the place! What a great free lesson!

Secretly did she know she was learning fine motor skills!

There is so much more included for free that I could write an interesting blog all day, although my daughter only naps so long!


She still naps.

and yeah. I get this done in the time she naps!

Two quick pieces of other free curriculum included also was a bunch of flashcards which we had so much fun with. I laminated and we can use them forever now. (Video here– Instagram) and a few different mazes also, which our daughter can’t get enough of! (funny because that’s her daddy too)

You get so much more when signing up for Cooking With Kids although I won’t spoil all the fun!

Head over to Cooking With Kids FaceBook Page and sign up now!

Thank You, Michelle Stern for creating this and providing it to parents like myself for free!

Cooking With Kids Website

Thank You for reading♥

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  1. Oh my gosh – this made my day! Amanda told me that you wrote about “B is for Broccoli” – and I LOVE the photos of your little one in action. Thank you, Thank you! xo M.

    1. LifeOnADime

      Hello, Michelle! Oh, I’m so happy you found the blog and even happier it made your day! We really did love it:) I hope sharing helps! Would love to do it again anytime!

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