Friendly Competition

Friendly Competition Between Parent Bloggers

I am fairly new to social media and the online world, I know many of you are too. Social media has been around for years and parent bloggers have been at it for a long time now.

It’s been an inspirational journey reading everyone’s blogs and I’ve even started opening up myself. After all most people’s blogs are their entire life, it normally consumes them.


I find my blog consuming me at times although that’s why I starting writing in the first place, to clear my head. It got me thinking about other parents and their blogs, I don’t see a lot of badges spread around. I mean I’m reading all kinds various blogs and It got me thinking.

Do you believe in friendly competition between other bloggers or do you find it pointless to display a badge?

I myself find it really fun and interacting to see where I am each week! I find it helps keep blogging fun also. I love meeting other new parents and bloggers!

Please Share Your Thoughts

Thank You

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