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The years between 2 and 5 are so important and you must provide the right type of stimulation. The “foundation” of your child’s interests and temperament is being nurtured and awakened. Homeschool Preschool doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or most important a lot of time to prepare (because let’s face it, time is something we don’t have) but also part of being a parent is preparing our child for school and beyond!

Dad’s Thoughts

That’s why we decided to start preschool homeschooling. Basically, I believe it’s my responsibility to give our daughter an equal or better experience each day than what she would get at daycare. We have the fortune of being two parents both capable of taking care of our daughter and working. All the money I earned would just go to daycare and on the other hand, who is really watching your child anyway. –right?

Plus I get to spend every day at home with our daughter learning and teaching new things. Besides her birth, starting this homeschool journey and seeing her learn and become this intelligent little girl is the most amazing feeling in the entire world!

How To Join The Fun

If you are a parent thinking of homeschooling your little one as well I have gathered the links below that have helped me! I use the free printables provided on every site and I hope they help you as much as they have helped me!

These are so much more than free printables, they are the blogs of some homeschooling moms that have paved the way to provide amazing free content and help all homeschooling parents!


This Reading Mama

The Measured Mom

HomeCEOAcademy Curriculum

We started with and are currently still using HomeCEO Curriculum.  Depending on the age of your little one, you can choose from one of the two packages below to suit your learning needs! It’s a complete package although it’s not free like the links above, it is, however, a complete beautiful homeschool pre-school package.

We currently are using the Age-2-3 Curriculum.

Home CEO Age 2-3 Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

Home CEO Age 4 Preschool Homeschool Curriculum

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Follow Our Journey

I plan to share our Monday-Friday journey homeschooling on Instagram and the main blog at the end of each week’s unit. I’m starting with setting up a few crucial spots in your household. We’re a family on a budget and in no way does that have to interfere with the level of fun being had or your inhibit your child’s learning!

Start reading our journey here-> Adventure 0.5- Setting The Stage

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