Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Right now writing this I feel really strange, it’s not just the holidays which make me feel uncomfortable, I find everyone’s meaning of it is squawked and therefore it doesn’t mean what it should. It meant something different when I was younger… But yes the few who did ask in slight concern. Thank you for asking by the way, we had a beautiful Christmas. I just don’t post pictures of every gift she opens.  I’ll blog about it later. 🙂 Please read on, it’s a happy post!

We do need to find our own thing, although I guess we need have it already and it’s really beautiful, spending Christmas with my two girls, nothing can get better than that.  I said I feel strange and it’s the fact that Jessica took Charlotte to the store to grab some goodies for our little new years celebration and I have a moment alone, it feels weird in here.  Ya we might have paranormal incidences that happen in our building but that’s a whole different article and not what I’m talking about.  It’s about Christmas and the New Year. I hope it was truly good for you and your loved ones!

 Christmas Morning

 Hello everyone, It starts with daddy and mommy not getting nearly enough sleep because the anxiety this year was just too much. Jessica went into Charlotte’s room super early to make sure she didn’t come out and I was left to prepare everything else, which was our plan.

Setting up the camera to take some pictures of this whole gift unwrapping event, this really is the first year Charlotte is big enough to TRULY enjoy and understand presents. So I really want to make sure I had the camera setup and all was good. It would have helped it I has fresh batteries on my Bluetooth remote, but whatever… we can’t win them all!


 We do have video of the morning “SHOCK” but we will save that for later on. Charlotte went right for the Pikachu backpack because she has truly found a fascination over Pokemon. She knows all the first season Pokemon, and I mean all of them, it’s the cutest thing ever. I need to get a video of that too. Oh the cuteness!

Something we have done each Christmas with just us three is open one gift at a time, appreciate each gift and then move on to the next one. Some people don’t get any gifts on Christmas in the world and I guess it bothers me when kids rips through every-gift in a second and don’t appreciate them.

 There was so much excitement from Charlotte on this morning, it was heart warming to the point of melting down into a pile of dad. It was hard to stop for pictures but mommy wanted some on her phone too.  As im going through these pictures I’m realizing they are all horrible because we all are so jumpy and I press the button on the remote and the pictures take at the wrong time… plus my Samsung S4 is an old tired phone. Upgrade real soon 🙂


 Just shortly after all the excitement we manged to sneak in bites to eat because Charlotte was having no part in food, breakfast, stopping or anything. It was go-go go for our little one, as it probably was for yours too. There was a lot of jumping on dad and running around. There’s no other kids in the building, just elderly. People probably hate us from the little pidder padder of her tiny feet on the floors.


The pictures we did get managed to be of the coloring books and none of Charlotte’s big cool awesome gifts to catch her expression but every gift this year to her was special because we made it special. It’s the type of girl she is and that were trying to raise.

She loved every gift this year! We moved them off out of cameras view as we moved on, out apartment isn’t very big. haha. In fact im very exited to have new years and take that tree down. The wife says its bad luck to take a tree down before new years. Is that true?


We took an afternoon break to be honest. We were exhaust by 12 o’clock, it been hours opening and playing gits and we are not even done. She was excited to rip open the big gifts and see what was in them! She received a ball-pit and was so happy that it has dory on it. She just loves fish. We have had an aquarium ever since she was born! She received a few other awesome gifts from mom and dad but I wont mention the things we bought her.



I’ve wanted her to have one of these for a while now, that being said it’s a gift and were thankful for it. The dory ball put doesn’t have an option to contain the balls so the are constantly not in the ball pit but all over the place. The struggle is real for ball pit parents.

Thanks Uncle Jerry.

Daddy and mommy received a few awesome gifts but we really like buying each-other stuff throughout the year so we don’t go crazy all at once on Christmas. We wrapped up the day with Christmas games, some holiday supper foods and some movie time Christmas cuddle’s. It couldn’t have gotten any better!  I’m so thankful to have the wife I do & the beautiful daughter that sweeps me away at every turn.

The transition into Jessica working and me being a full-time stay at home dad is best. Dads can do it. In fact dads can do it better than some moms. So regardless of what the word thinks we will continue our crusade of daddy and daughter of awesomeness into the world of strange.

So Going Into 2017

I mentioned I don’t always post a lot it’s because I honestly don’t feel people care about every tiny thing I do, plus I’m  not trying to share my personal life too. I feel like people don’t know YOU online, they know YOUR pictures. Period. Going into 2017 im going to stay humble and only stick around the people who inspire me to create and be the beautiful person I am. I will try to post more but still sticking with my 90’s values. I will love my daughter and wife as much as humanly possible for any one man to do no matter what. I will treat others how you treat me. If you wouldn’t give your shirt off your back to help someone else out then I don’t want to know you!

They say you are not supposed to hate, but screw that. I can defiantly hate, I feel that will never change. because lets gets real here were not all mushy babies made of bitch. Were real people with real feelings and if people betray us or do something so horrible ( I don’t need to get crazy with ideas here) then we don’t need to forgive them.

Move on away from them.

Move towards people who bring out the BEST in you.

Move towards people who INSPIRE you.

Move towards the good in the world and leave the fake bullshit behind.   (it seems to be everywhere nowadays)


…but really i just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Lets just be the best that we can be everyday.



HAPPY 2017!

Be Brave

Be Fearless

Amaze Yourself


Live YOUR Life ♥

Share your thoughts if anything I said sparked an interest.

Thank You for reading.

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