My “WeeRide” Thoughts

Hello Everyone, some of you may know I love cycling, it runs in my vanes, and for most of my life, I’ve owned a bicycle. Past few years I haven’t had one and have missed it dearly!

More importantly, we purchased a pair of matching parent bikes (haha) and I needed a way to bring along my beautiful daughter. I would like to go for an adult size bike ride along the paved trails here in the city and it would be far too long for the little one, plus she doesn’t have a bike and she is just still too little at two and a half.

So, parents have options.

Or, do we?

A bike trailer seemed to be options although we can’t afford that, way too large for an apartment and it’s very distant (as in your child is way far away in a trailer behind you) and seems very scary overall.

A traditional bike seat that mounts behind the parent, again not seeming to be what I was looking for.


Into our lives came WeeRide, (after I sought them out online, then in stores)  It seemed to fit perfectly and have everything we needed. It was in our budget and it mounted where I wanted there to be a seat; right in front of me! The tiny seat may look small although it is incredibly solid once mounted, its rated age 1-4 and up to 44lbs and says so on the back of the seat, my daughter is well in that limit.

Long story short (thank you Canadian Tire for all your help, we love you)  Had the bikes double checked and we got ourselves mounted all up and headed home. 


This WeeRide Kangaroo Seat made the HAPPIEST girl I’ve seen yet! The “Weeeeeeeee’s” and “Woohoo’s” we had on the bike ride home was terrific! The seat fits perfectly on the bike, and doesn’t get in the way with actually riding the bike or peddling. My daughter was right there safe and secure with me and could see the world as it was coming at her!


We have been out on several trips since! We have loved every one of them! 

I was always wondering too if she would fall asleep while riding.

The answer is yes.!

Yes, she does and it’s adorable! 

Thank You WeeRide for making such an awesome product!

Thank You for reading.

Stay safe cyclists!


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