National Children’s Craft Day

No, it’s not Toy Tuesday. There will not be a blog today on that as there is a lot of drama going on at the moment!

Today was National Children’s Craft Day!


With 365 days in the year, there are so many national days that people forget about, I feel most people have forgotten and only seem to celebrate main holidays and national days.

I myself celebrate every day and today was no exception!

It’s was craft day and we built spiders!

It also happens to be Week #9 “Black” in Homeschool Preschool and what better craft than spiders!

I myself have a slight fear of Arachnophobia and am terrified of spiders. I do know they are more scared of me than I am of them and being in Canada, I’m good – nothing to really fear!

I googled online for some crafts ideas and in seconds figured out a few crafts with what we had on hand. Keep in mind we always do crafts and have done one every week of homeschool! Today is just National Craft day and gets a blog!

We started with an egg carton which daddy cut and my little one painted!

Very well I might add we love getting messy! 

Next, my little one with precision added some glue, I was very impressed at this as she is growing up too fast! I almost wish she had made a giant mess. 

After the huge amounts of glue – ha ha (sarcasm) 

…we had an afternoon nap. It was blissful.

House was clean, dishes and laundry caught up so why not nap! Daddy does manage to get a lot done, even with chronic anxiety and depression.

Next, my little one used her months of hand-eye coordination and skills practice and painted some popsicle sticks like a boss. 

After some construction paper, some tweaks, some twists, some more glue and help from my daughter we have made some awesome scary spiders!

Now keep in mind we play with our crafts and have been running around the house with them (didn’t get the video up in time for the blog) We had so much fun today just us two at home, making crafts and learning all day long. So many people will judge me yet everything has been stolen from me in this world and yet I’m still here, still helping others, still smiling and being a terrific parent, or at least the best one I can be.

What do you think of our spiders?

I think they are super scary! -haha …and my little one had great fun making them for


Thanks for Reading

Did you make any crafts with your little ones special for today?

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