My Handbook Tab Explained

My Handbook Tab Explained

Hello Parents

Welcome and Thank You for reading this. This is the My Handbook Tab Explained. This is the first blog post in this category. It used to be a page but made no sense, It’s not a page I want to update because I’m not telling you how to parent…

It’s a category of different blogs making up my parenting handbook. Just my little quarks and daddy winning tips to maybe make the road a bit easier. I thought I’d share and if it helps anyone then we both win! Right? 🙂

My focus is and will always be Home School Dad portion of my blog because I feel NO dads are doing that. I’m in a few Stay At Home Dad groups and the men on there are an inspiration but some seem as lost as I was a few weeks ago. Yes, we get how to be dads and how to raise our children. Some can multitask, while some can’t. Although it’s coming up on 2017 and people who have an issue with gender role or feminist related topics are ridiculous. Everyone is equal. Period. Why does it need to be a competition?

Woah!.. off track. I’m just saying were all equal.


This is my parent handbook that will be full of my heartfelt journeys & moments as a dad. It will have sadness, some rants and defiantly lots of love- all in one awesome category!

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If anything I share along the way- makes you smile or maybe makes you mad, please share your thoughts and let me know!

Thank You for reading!

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