RadDad Box Review

Rad Dad Box Review

My BOX is HERE! If you know a dad or have one in your life then I recommend you read this short and sweet review on this amazing company.

The whole idea behind the box and what it stands for is brilliant! 

*Note*  RadDad Box was purchased out of my money and these are my own opinions of the products and the company!

I ordered the January Essentials Box.

I wish I could have ordered more although it’s my nature to order the smallest thing from a company to gauge the feelings I get. They offer a range of subscription plans, as well as two different box sizes for everyone to get started. They also have one-time boxes in their store- which is what I ordered.

My box came and our daughter attacked it like she does all the mail, although this package was different. I wanted to wait until my wife came home so we could open together. The anticipation was killing me as she arrived home, I let everything settle down and then told her the box came!

We opened!

We were greeted with a cute card (left) explaining the contents with awesome illustrations! Underneath (right) was the special gift for the spouse.

One of the special things to note about this box is that it’s personalized to fit my daughter and I. If you order yours will/could also be personalized to fit that special dad/little one you have in mind! Rad dad took into consideration and didn’t include a doughnut rattle in our box as my daughter would have looked at it and tossed it aside. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into my box!

There is so much about this box that made me feel special as a dad, from the genuine items all the way to the personalization. It had useful items that I will use over and over again. It had products that are eco and green. It also has great gifts for my daughter and wife. All in a box that could ship out monthly and make that special dad in your life feel extra appreciated!


I didn’t know it existed either.

I mean this is an extra special way, of course, to say “thanks” to that dad you know.

I must say my feelings for you folks are fantastic! There is so much I love about you and I will do my best to support you forever! The whole concept is amazing and I hope you can continue to provide unique products that will make dads and their babies feel amazing!

We look forward to sharing more in depth with pictures on Instagram as we use the products!

We can’t wait to order another box, hopefully, we can get on the monthly plan!

*Note*  RadDad Box was purchased out of my money and these are my own opinions of the products and the company!

Thank You for reading this review.

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Yes, they are. head over to Featured Dads and have a look.

Links to their beautiful site is there!

Thank You ♥

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