Need Some Extra Bass?

Review – Sony Extra Bass Headphones

Have kids? Need some serenity?

20161209_113457These headphones will do it. I bought these because I needed to “get-away” so to speak, I didn’t want to hear all the background noise because im distracted enough on a daily basis. Having these allows me to FOCUS and has provided a lot of stress relief.Thanks SONY!

I’m almost always online searching deals because being a family on a single budget its hard to afford things like this. I research everything in great detail before purchasing online because of a budget but one can only do so much. Right?

I myself like BASS. To get everything im asking in a headphone at this price I though was IMPOSSIBLE to achieve bass but to still have that low range frequency.  These provide even and perfect percussion, bass, and that sub-bass comes through strong and the sound honestly is like nothing I’ve heard in this price range. Its clear and beautiful.

I paid $39.99 that’s %50 off normal price. I will always buy things on some sort of sale.

They came beautifully packaged.


Features that I like…

  • 30 mm driver reproduces powerful bass

  •  enhances deep beats without distorting vocals

  • Tangle free cord

  • Headband tension (not to tight but not to lose that they fall off when you shake your head around)

  • Quality materials
  • Swivel design for collapsing down around your neck (doesn’t get in the way at all, real bonus as there off and on a lot with Charlotte running around)

  • Cushioned ear-pads (as daddy has giant ears yet still really comfortable)

  • Cord doesn’t freeze (as most other cords freeze when exposed to outside winter temperatures)

Dad’s Thoughts



In the end I couldn’t be happier, the sound isolation is %110 I can’t hear anything from around me, not my daughter or Jessica as they scamper around, but yet on full volume  your partner sitting beside you can’t hear a thing when there on my ears. It’s a perfect combination.

I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Everyone seems to love them, even Charlotte! They have been on my head this entire review.

I highly recommend.

Check them out here at amazon!

Sony is working towards a goal of  zero environmental footprint which is important to me & my family and helped contribute to this purchase.

I will continually use these and update on any issues that may arise.

What are your current headphones you use?

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