Review- Bubble Magnet Book

Toy Tuesday #3

Review- Doc Mc Stuffins Bubble Magnet Book

For this Toy Tuesday, I am bringing you a cheap toy!

Do It Yourself/ Cheap is my favorite type of thing as it’s more rewarding in life. No one wants to pay more than they have to for anything. In 2017 the economy is a little strange and things that should cost more, don’t! …and things that cost lots, shouldn’t.

I’m sure you get my point there!

The Canadian Dollar Rama or the Dollar Store here in Canada is a great example of this. We frequent that store to get homeschool supplies and the odd kitchen item and found this beauty!

Bubble Magnet Book

Side, Front & Back of the book.

Our little one adores Doc Mc Stuffins!

She has been obsessed since a baby and still continues to watch, play and act like Doc! I have no problem with that as I think its a great show for kids.

I will show you a few pages from the book but won’t spoil all the fun! The part I love and relates to what we’re doing during home pre-school time is shadow match and recognition!

The first page has a slight tray and plastic cover to hold the 40+ magnets, although my daughter made short work of that plastic piece.

Each page has a magnetic section to interact along with a famous DOC quote from the show! There is even a page for the little ones to use their imagination and make their own scene!

Here are just a few pages!


It should cost more in my opinion although I’m glad it doesn’t. It was just $3 and my daughter really loves it! We have used it every day since buying it. It has shadow match, DOC, was cheap, is build nice and more importantly — our daughter is happy!

I recommend to anyone!

Your kids may love this too! Have a check next time your out at the Dollar Store!

Thanks for reading

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