Review- Fisher Price Sit & Stand Skyway

Toy Tuesday #1

Review- Sit & Stand Skyway

It’s Toy Tuesday and Paw Patrol Parents, this is for you! If you have a moment, lend me your eyes and check out this awesome toy. A must have for any paw patrol obsessed toddler.

It’s a toy that doesn’t bust the bank!

If you clicked on this review then you too might have a little one that is obsessed with Paw Patrol. Our daughter first discovered the show a few months ago and it was an instant obsession. Chase and sky are for sure her favorite!


Netflix is huge in my house as I’m sure it is in yours and for us, it’s constant Paw Patrol here. Witch first introduced our daughter to the show. I love when she has new interests so we sought out Paw Patrol related toys. Next up came the Paw Patrol Floor Map. Soon after we purchased a few new pieces for her town to make it look complete.  Each new piece coming with characters. We have bought a few extra cars and little people related toys along the way also. Now with the new tower, her little adventure bay looks complete.

She’s a happy girl! 

Review- Sit and Stand Skyway

Next came the Lookout Tower!

Setup was a breeze as everything just snapped together really easy. I made a joke on Instagram about only 120,231 steps to go when in reality it was fairly simple and only took 10 minutes if that. Once setup it took a few moments to kick in what it was! Maybe in her eyes for a moment it was a toy, maybe she didn’t know what it was.

Who knows!

Daddy took the time to stop her and say “Look, It’s the Paw Patrol Tower” and she flipped out and RAN to her room to grab “chase” (her toy vehicle) Once setup with the whole town its been constant fun!

Sit & Stand Skyway

Sit & Stand Skyway is convertible into two different ways. One that resembles the PawPatrol tower (Stand-left) and another way that lays down flat(Sit-right).

My daughter can’t convert it by herself as there are two orange buttons that need to be firmly pressed in in order to convert it. It’s a click and lift type action. No problem for parents although for my daughter she can’t do it. She asks and we change it. It currently stands in Paw Patrol mode. Although it has multiple ramps, a car wash, gas station, farmers stand and whatever else a children’s imagination can make it become.

Yes, it’s not the real Paw Patrol if you’re that parent, although it’s pretty darn close in my eyes and does the same thing. In place of dogs shooting down a slide, it shoots cars, which our daughters puts all sort of stuff down it anyways. It’s very silly and fun!


It was a cheap toy that has been great fun and she has loved. How can a parent hate that? It’s solid plastic and came with cars that she can use right of that bat if she didn’t have anything else. I’m sure the Paw Patrol phase will one day disappear, although right now I’m just letting her be herself- a kid. We grabbed ours at Walmart on sale for cheap and I recommend you shop around and find the cheapest price for you in your area. I have rounded up an affiliate amazon link for this toy if you choose you to buy it right away!

5/5 in my eyes and a total recommendation for any little kid! Boy or Girl.

I’ve rounded up Sit and Stand Skyway at the link below!

Fisher-Price Little People Sit ‘N Stand Skyway Playset

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