Review – LeapFrog Epic 7″ Kids Tablet

Toy Tuesday #4

For this toy Tuesday I’m bringing you a toy that we have had since Christmas.

I’ve wanted to do a review every single week on this tablet but it’s just so vast. I feel I needed to explore it and thoroughly test it out before I could give any sort of review.

Sure they look great the first week but what happens when the kids get ahold of it!


Let’s take the new Nintendo Switch, for example, the screen is a number 3 on a Mohs scale of hardness, meaning its plastic and will scratch ridiculously easy.

Our daughter from time to time grabs and plays with our phones, sometimes we give them to her or she sneaks them away. When she was a baby she called the police, it’s so stereotypical but it really happened. It ended up being harmless in the end.

So, “No more phones little one”

We turn on airplane mode and she just swipes the menu down and turns it back off, then proceeds to turn on wifi and scroll as she wants.


We needed a tablet, but there are so many to pick from and how do you honestly know it’s good. So many reviews are right from the first day. Or first week. “Thank’s people, not really helpful…”

LeapFrog Epic™ Android Based Kids Tablet Review

We decided to go with the LeapFrog tablet because it was Andriod 4.4 based and that was important to us. Apple in my mind is the most uttermost garbage of this earth.

Let me share some favorite daddy features!

(I’ll save the apps for later)

The tablet expands from the ages 3 all the way to 9 years old. Meaning there are thousands of games/apps specially designed for the leapfrog tablet, teaching and educating your toddler all the way up to your child. 20 come included off the bat. You can play in the first interactive home screen designed just for kids, watch night fall, add characters and discover a fun surprise every day.

And I mean besides the awesome LeapFrog stuff, its Andriod, its any game available for your normal android phone available for this. We all know how massive the Google Play store is for apps. I’ve also added Netflix and a few other of my daughter’s favorites from our phones.

The construction of the tablet is solid, and I mean solid! The screen is not plastic and doesn’t have any major marks that affect usage. Keep in mind my daughter has beaten the hell out of this thing, I’ve stepped on it a few times and it’s had a rough life.

A Large thick rubber cover keeps it safe from drops at all angles.

It really has had a rough life!

It’s held up fantastic! We own a variety of other leap frog products and I must say they are all built like this. When something fails ill be sure to let you know.

The battery life is 8 hours + on a full charge even though LeapFrog says 6. You’re cutting yourself short there Leapfrog. We get 8+ hours unplugged from a wall no problem. Lots of time for her to play while we watch a movie, a long road trip, you get the idea.

The screen is 1024×600 resolution so it’s nice and clear and matches that kinda of our phone, our daughter doesn’t notice and everything still looks crisp.

It’s held up amazing! Here is my daughter’s tablet! 

There is 16 GB memory already installed and up to 32 GB expandable memory!

The 1.3ghz processor also gets the job done, plays movies, her games, we haven’t had an issue with its quickness and It’s loaded up with games/apps/movies/pictures at the moment.

There is also a 2MP front and back camera that records 480p. I mean what more does a parent want on a kids tablet!

Oh, there’s also Bluetooth, Parental Controls, A Stylist, Websafe Kid Browser and so much more.

Click the picture below for more “Official” information!

(LeapFrog Website)


It’s a tablet that will continue to grow and grow and grow with every day she opens her eyes. We personally don’t have a lot of money and $99 for us was the same cost of an amazon tablet. A normal android tablet, I’m sure if you are searching you know what I’m talking about.

It comes in two colors, Green & Pink and I honestly feel LeapFrog thought of everything on this one! 

For us, we could not be happier and would recommend this tablet to anyone!  I can’t wait to keep on learning and seeing what the tablet has to offer! There seems to be something different every day!

I’ve rounded an affiliate link up for both if you are interested



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One Thought to “Review – LeapFrog Epic 7″ Kids Tablet”

  1. blakegripling

    I don’t think that the Switch would be worth the purchase for a youngster either, considering how there are a myriad of tablets that offer a lot more for less.

    As for the Epic itself, I feel that LeapFrog’s tablet is a mixed bag. I mean, it’s decent and offers a lot of educational stuff for children, but the problem is it sold for a bit too much when it was introduced, at the time where cheaper devices are available (though it’s moot as lower-cost devices are of questionable build and software for them are reportedly tainted with malware). The SOC used struggles to load things at times, and the fact that those apps available at LeapFrog’s own store costs an arm and a leg to purchase – sure, they’re curated and they have educators and consultants in tow, but when kids’ games could be had for less on Steam or Google Play, it’s a hard sell. And to top it all off, not only that parents have taken umbrage over the DRM implementation, as it required their devices to phone home every so often, those living in regions other than the ones supported by the company are offered a half-baked experience since certain content is unavailable.

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