Review- Magnutto Make a Pet

Toy Tuesday #2

Review- Magnutto Make a Pet

I have perversely already done a blog about our toddlers and emotions, called Food Color Emotions. Understanding one and another and each other’s emotions is very important! For a toddler that can be hard, sometimes impossible.

With “Make A Pet” magnetic activity, your child can learn emotions while they make pets!

How Awesome!

I personally have found toys lacking in this department and was blown away by how educational it really is!

So for this toy Tuesday I’m bringing you a simple magnetic toy that all kids will love!

Our daughter personally loves all things animal and more specifically dogs, cats, and fish. She noticed imminently they were dogs and cats!

Daddy’s has a few favorite things he loves about this box, starting with everything stays inside the little box. Once flipped open the inside acts as the magnetic workboard. Little notches in the box provide it stays upright while your little one is working! There is enough room for all magnets plus lots more. One other awesome design feature is the space when it stands open, it’s deep enough and provides enough space for my daughter to get her hand in and sift for pieces without having to close and reopen the board. The magnetic shapes also provide perfect magnetization and don’t slip off or feel cheap in any way. They can be stacked on top each other to make the silliest creatures imaginable! Very well designed little box.

There are 3 different languages that come standard, English, French & Spanish. We personally loved how the Spanish language was included.


Yes, this is an awesome toy. Yes, both Daddy & Mommy have First Aid & CPR Level C and do feel we could save our child’s life in the event of an emergency! Although there is 100 plus little tiny pieces and this toy is heavily supervised when our little one plays with it. She is almost 3 now and kids will be kids and accidents happen.

It even has a built in elastic to keep the box closed when you’re done!

If you are looking to get this for your child then it depends on where you are. Canadian amazon does not have this. America amazon does with no issues. I have many reads overseas as well, and you folks know where to search the best!

More to choose from!

Thank You for reading the second Toy Tuesday!

Do your kids have this toy? If so, how have they taken to it?

Please share your thoughts on this toy!

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  1. Amanda

    This is kind of amazing! I think I need to add this to our toy shelf!

    1. LifeOnADime

      Thank You for sharing your views on this toy Amanda! I also agree it’s pretty awesome and it’s still holding up great, hope you can get your hands on one for your little ones!

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