Thought Thursday #3 Sexism – Has it always been like this?

I have no filter. My readers, followers may come to understand that. 

A fellow Canadian Dad Blogger (Drooling Daddy) did an article on the exact day I was caught up in an online argument over the same topic. I never tend to argue online because it’s just not who I am and it’s useless.

Although lately, this topic has come to light in the world and for this Thought Thursday I ask you your views on sexism!

I replied to his blog is a slight viscous way because I was heated! Sorry, Jeff if you took any offense to that! (Reply here)

I am heated because I have NO idea where it’s (the sexism) is coming from! Keep in mind I live in Ontario, Canada. Where I come from men and women are equal and my entire life I have NEVER physically met anyone who thinks otherwise. If I did I would immediately disconnect with that person in a not nice manner — all ill say on that!

I was born and raised with equal values and never for a minute over my entire life was it brought up, never for a second. I mean in history class as a kid is the only time I can ever remember in my life hearing about sexism and women not being equal.

27 years old and I’ve never heard this nonsense.

Is this what the world bickers about!

“What race is better?”

I honestly think its terribly sad. Who gives a shit! Women can fix transmissions, rebuild an engine or weld (vice versa) and men can cook, take care of the kids, sew, or whatever else you backward ass people think.

There was been proven records of this across time!

Women and Men can do everything equally. At times some genders can do jobs/tasks better than others.

This world is already filled with enough hurt and bullshit! The last thing as a human race we need to do is to argue over who is better or who is gay or straight or black or white!

Like for fuck sakes!

Reading the headlines and watching the videos recently just makes me want to bash my head against a wall!

Does It Matter!

It doesn’t in my mind because from my hundreds of friends, family and parents spend across Canada we all feel this way. So I’m going to cast that VOTE for all of Canada and say we are not the backward racist’s stereotyping fools that are keeping this stigma of sexism alive!

Life On A Dime has been worldwide and I know where the readers are!


Please share your views on sexism?

 …and where you live in this fine world!

Are you the one keeping sexism alive?

No, Really!

If you are one of the backword people who think women cant do anything please explain why. Please help me understand why you think that way!

I look forward to it.

Thank You for Reading

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2 Thoughts to “Thought Thursday #3 Sexism – Has it always been like this?”

  1. I never took any offence to what you said at all. I’m glad you are passionate about the topic and it means you care. I live in Edmonton and have lived in a number of provinces and towns/citys and have seen sexism on both sides first hand. I do voice my opinion on the matter as well, maybe more so now that my kids deal with it themselves. One day it will end and as long as we raise our kids right and keep voicing our opinions mabe that day will be here sooner than later.

    1. LifeOnADime

      I care a lot Jeff, way more than I should. That encased with not having a filter and having no problem with confrontation is not a good thing at times. It still angers me to this day that this world in 2017 in ass backwards. Cheers buddy!

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