Stars and Turtles …Oh My!

Stars and Turtles …Oh, My!

Parents, lend me your ear! -or in this case your eyes for a moment. We all love our children and after a day of running around, tea parties and homeschooling I myself am exhausted. Before I ever thought about having a baby, there was always something that went hand and hand for me. I think “baby” and for some reason, “baby mobile” pops into my head right alongside with the actual baby.

Yes, there are might be better-suited things that go with the thought of a baby, although this is me.

Stop for a moment. Think back to before you had a little one/s and what do you think of alongside a baby?

You may only pick one item. (Baby + something…)

When I asked my partner she said “diaper” …sorta clechy, although I’ll take it!

Please share your thoughts at the bottom or on twitter!

Now the whole reason for this post is because as a daddy I worked nights before and I didn’t put our daughter to bed or have any part in that, to be honest, while she was small. Thinking back on it now it breaks my heart! I received most of the fun and was responsible for poopie diapers and playtime during the day while mommy rested.

Ever since being graced with this amazing stay at home dad role I’ve created a bond with my daughter that I never thought possible. I put her to sleep every single night, without fail. When I’m caught up doing dishes and my other half puts her down it’s “no, daddty ...daddty” and she will scream for me to come tuck her in.

As a dad, it’s the most heart-warming feeling ever when your child wants you for bedtime.


Now we do have a bedtime routine although the matter of this post is this darn baby mobile.

As I lay and rub my daughter’s eyebrows I realize I missed out on all that time…

We don’t have the traditional hang over the crib mobile anymore, our little one is going on 2.5 years old and we do have ceiling stars for her room. They are quite pretty.

I lay there and wonder how the other millions of kids in this world are getting to sleep at night? If they have ever gotten a mobile? If they look up at floating princesses or giraffes? If they get to eat before bed?

So many questions and my head was racing…

I truly hope you understand my depth there.

Our daughter has gotten the luxury of upgrading her mobile as she grows up in life and has been a proud owner of a Japanese turtle for over a year now. It’s surprisingly held up the abuse of a toddler! I don’t use it for bedtime it’s more of an evening bedroom toy. She always gets porridge every night before bed and lately daddy’s secret putting her to sleep. Even mommy doesn’t know.

Please share your thoughts on this odd post.

Do you use alternative methods of getting your child to sleep (song, music, food?)

Thank You for reading♥

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6 Thoughts to “Stars and Turtles …Oh My!”

  1. Baby food, that’s my image. Mush. Bland baby food hahaha cats shake it now.

    1. LifeOnADime

      Haha, that’s perfect ryan!

  2. Baby plus…..A teddy. You know one of those raggedy ‘worn to bits’ type teddies. It’s kinda half teddy half comfort blanket. Hasn’t been washed in years because they won’t let go of it. That kind of teddy.

    As for mobiles Bella has one that projects ligjts onto the ceiling. It’s all starts and beats and thingsband it plays music as it goes.

    1. LifeOnADime

      Thank you for sharing! Yes, I know what you mean. I actually had a raggedy dog when I was a kid. I wonder where it went…

  3. I have 2 things that come to mind.

    1. Baby whipes for sure as they are so handy.

    2. Baby blanket, one that was home made and always has that fresh baby smell. I do miss that!

    1. LifeOnADime

      NO Jeff! Just one. Lol. Jk! Oh, that is a good one. Baby wipes are certainly an excellent one that can never be forgotten!

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