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Mental health is a really big part in my life as it effects my daily. I will not get into all that this moment but know I’ve struggled and still continue to fight a daily battle.  I’ve more recently met DadsApp who has inspired me to also help others and to not stay quite anymore, he is on a MISSION to encourage and build up fathers so that their children will flourish, DadsApp will help to bridge the gap for men who have questions. His website is an inspiration! Go and have a peek! ->DadsApp

The inspiration has made me build a local SUPPORT tab under CONTACT with some local resources that may help if your suffering in any way. They helped me at one point or another!

Even if it helps just one person, that is still a life and it’s important!!!

If you are suffering please talk, please share, please reach out to anyone to let them know how you feel. You would be surprised what just venting does. 

Email below to VENT or twitter is at the bottom(on the footer), notifications ON!

Im always here to talk and theres always DadsApp

If you’re coming here then you may be seeking help, or if you clicked on this page by mistake and your curious as to what support is then I will explain.  These are the sites I’ve gathered to hopefully support, inspire, help, others if they need it! They are split into two different categories. Local (London, Ontario) or Nationwide (Canada).

DADSAPP is the reason for this page and he’s truly on a mission to support men’s mental health, he’s located in Scotland.

If you feel like something should be added then please do not hesitate to reach out to the contact form and let me know and I will add it as soon as possible.

This page will frequently update as I find more support groups! 

Local Support

CMHA Middlesex

Crisis help available 24/7.  CMHA provides community-based mental health programs, housing supports, outreach and education out of many locations across London, Middlesex, Strathroy, Exeter, and Goderich. CMHA Middlesex has 330 employees, owns 36 properties, and serves more than 20,000 individuals each year.  Thier vision is an inclusive community with mental health and wellbeing for all.

Ontario Mental Health Helpline

The Mental Health Helpline provides information about mental health services in Ontario. They are funded by the Government of Ontario.


Mental Health Commission of Canada

MHCC is a catalyst for improving the mental health system and changing the attitudes and behaviors of Canadians around mental health issues.


Founded in 1918, CMHA is a national charity that helps maintain and improve mental health for all Canadians. With more than 10,000 staff and volunteers in more than 100 community locations across Canada, CMHA provides vital services and support to well over half a million Canadians every year.


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