This is what happens when you reach out to family friends!

Readers, facts you do not know are about to be revealed.

This also goes against what I said at the bottom although its a rant. I’m upset.

To many – you may have dealt with a similar thing with your family or friends, although it’s not needed when that person doesn’t know any facts.

A small bit of information here.

When I was a young boy my mother told my father to leave. He did. I never knew him. He could have lived next door and I would have been none the wiser. It wasn’t until I grew up and sought him out on my own and got to know him, turns out he stole money from me and the tales were true.

Horrible way for a story to end in my late twenties.

…but it did.

The end. (Yeah, just like that, really short version)

We are in dark times and need help. I do not expect anyone to bail us out except for me.

Although it seems no matter what I do I’m the bad guy! Right from birth, it seems. Long story short after years of stress I broke down and enough said there I received help, I received counseling, I’m continuing to fight and will do so every step of the way.

Records of everything along the way.

My “family” knows none of this.


Becuase I don’t share it with them, they seem to be the kind of family who puts you down or at least some of them in it. SO, it’s best not to share – to keep things to yourself rather.

So, I reached out for help and this is an answer I received from a family friend.

(Not my friend anymore but you get the point)


So to Lynn Nydam,

I will say this. I have always taken my job as a dad seriously, the fact you can even say that for one second is insane! I’ve always been the parent! We were married and together for 8 years, I worked and took the kids to and from daycare most of it, we had a normal life at the age of 16, we did our best. What more do you really expect there?

I didn’t run anywhere I was forced to leave! Saras took my money, my car, my kids, said I beat everyone and then filed court papers and left.

When I never did any of that!

Did anyone stop for a second and think about how that made me feel? – NO, they didn’t!

I was the one forced in to go to jail, I was forced into a criminal record, I was the one forced to have no life!

I would do a lot different if I could. Do you know I’ve tried to contact? Sara is glad to free to contact me and she knows I won’t fight, she knows I’d love my boys with open arms.

I miss them every day and it rips a piece off inside that I can never get back, do you know that!

Do you know I’ve tried to contact Sara over and over and over again, with different accounts, sending mail, and I’m told to leave, just like my mother did to my father?

They don’t want me!

So I left!

I’m not hiding anywhere, I’ve been in debt since I could walk and only wanted to help others, and still do! Also what part of you think I haven’t worked. You realize I’ve had many jobs and always working right? For the longest time, I drove and reset Home Depots across Southwestern Ontario. A Huge important job that paid good, I did roofing, at times I even caught chickens in desperation. So don’t tell me I haven’t worked! All I have done I work and tried anything from shoveling snow in the winter to support my family!

You know nothing!

I’m not afraid to be TRACKED DOWN  or forced down by any means because Sara has done years of fraud and I have proof of everything to this day, cocked and locked and I’m waiting for her! She has taken everything I have and to this day I keep her name TATTOOED on my arm!

I look everything in the face every day!

Unlike her who cover hers up the second, we split up. 8 years and I still have mine! I didn’t do anything wrong and I was and AM a TERRIFIC DAD!

You used to tell aunt gladly I used to be able to accomplish anything because I can, I’ve battled depression and anxiety for 8 years on top of trying to live in society. That by itself is the miracle! Go speak to some people and learn something and don’t be so ignorant towards mental health!

This apparently stupid kid graduated college, Solar Energy Technician so he can try and support everyone!

All of his kids!

Because he’s tired of being broke and depressed and sad.

Because he’s tired of having a broken family!

Becuase he family didn’t help when he needed it.

The way families should.

I expect NO ONE to take care of me!

Do you understand mean rude lady?

When I had a car, every single damn time I did and even when I lived at the other end of the city I would ALWAYS be there for grandma, come and take her for groceries or to the doctors, I would ALWAYS do anything and WILL always do anything for her. I would drive when we had NO money and would HELP when Colleen and Shawn would not. You certainly were not here! You don’t even live in the same city!



I have always been the one there helping, I have always been the one taken advantage of and its the reason I am filled with anxiety and depression.

No one speaks in our family and its all broken to hell!

So, next time.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

especially if you don’t know the facts!


You have no idea the state I’m in, maybe I went and killed myself right now!

Maybe YOU pushed me over the edge.

I truly think of you as a horrible person. We help people in this world! Enjoy your LazyBoy furniture and your expensive life, you don’t owe my anything.

You’ll get yours. What goes around comes around.

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