Update – Future of this blog


I have absolutely no balance in my life at all. Spiritually I have always been lost and for a short time now physically from this blog.

For awhile there before all this, I started to write, all by myself, freeing my mind from thoughts and suffering. I didn’t share these writings with anyone and have still over 100,000 words unpublished to the world.

Writing simply helped me.

It helped me to end my suffering.


I turned public in hopes to help others the way they helped me, I have spoken to some incredibly deep people and their stories truly touched me. My life has been incredibly tough and painful. To some, it’s nothing, to others, I’ve been through hell and back.

I’m still here.

I only ever wanted to help, and still, do.

It’s why I’m on this earth.

It’s why we are all here!


I’m going to continue to write.

I’m going to continue my blog LifeOnADime.

How I’m not quite sure yet.

I have no desire to continue to write about the schedule I started. That schedule was Toy Tuesday, Thought Thursday, Feature Friday and Homeschool Sunday. Some of which I plan to continue and other topics it’s not relevant anymore to my path in life.

We have finally found an apartment of our own which we will be moving on the 21st of April. We are very fortune to receive this apartment and can’t wait to get back on track!

For everyone who helped me, I can’t thank you enough, you have created good karma and great things will happen for you!

For those who didn’t help well, you have created bad karma and the conditions will lay dormant in your mind until the conditions for them to ripen and produce their effect. You will have a life of suffering and when you die to be reborn as a hungry ghost.

In my religion, I wouldn’t wish that on any being.

Thank You,

to everyone who has stuck around and is curious, I haven’t lost one social media follower in the midst of all this, which is actually surprising, just gained more lovely souls. The analytics don’t lie and I appreciate all the people still coming to the blog and supporting how they can. I plan to share all the stats in the future.

It all means something I just haven’t figured out what yet.

To the inquiries about products, I will get back to you shortly about possible reviews.

There are a few people I will highlight in the future as they have helped me tremendously also.

Homeschool will be starting up again for sure, right where we left off! My daughter has been in shambles for weeks now and its broken me down every day.


I look forward to my next update.

Thanks for reading♥

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