Hello, Regardless of how you got here, I’d love for you to know more about Life On A Dime, Myself and how everything got started.


20141004_001313 - Copy.jpgHi There!

My name is Cody & I’m currently 26 years old. In this picture (daughters birth) I was the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life. I’m not the greatest at expressing emotions & I’m normally sarcastic but I’m filled with love once you get to know me. I would give you the shirt off my back if it would help you. My life has been a constant rollercoaster and it started where I born in London, Ontario. I spent most of my childhood here, we moved a dozen or so times, my mother did it all by herself, I was a kid but we were broke and I assume we were trying to cope with life. In my teenage years, we moved to a small one horse town where my world truly was turned upside down. Skipping many years… On my own now life progressed & moved me around all around Ontario and somehow I ended back in London. My heritage includes some aboriginal but really when I’m not obsessing over my two girls I love music, nature, cooking, cars, travel, tech stuff, and working with my hands. (really, how is anyone suppose to sum that up?) I love handmade, eco, green, support the earth love vibes come from me daily. Graduated Solar Energy Technician (NABCEP) before I took on my role as a stay at home daddy. One day I hope to go back to school for a Wind Turbine Technician.

Although now my two girls that keep me grounded, happy & truthful!

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Rondeau Provincial Park
We were really there! Rondeau was packed, everyone was in their tents bracing… yet screw that, I want to see this beauty! Life changed on a dime for us when this storm rolled in.  OH, how I love storms!


 Why did I start writing?

I started to write because it’s helping me with mental health. (Anxiety and Depression) I never intended it to turn public at all. SAHD time has been an inspirational journey and has given me the time I needed to process life. It hasn’t taken long to come around and realize I want to help other parents the way they helped me. The number of parents out there struggling hurts me greatly. Everyone has a different reason and they are all important!

Why did I start a blog?

Three reasons really.

Life On A Dime is now public because other bloggers and their journeys have helped me greatly!

  1.  I would like to share my thoughts & inspire other parents to never give up and SAY there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel!
  2. To share my journey as a DAD and to say thank you to everyone who inspired me!
  3. To say thank you to the two girls who saved my life!

Who Saved Me?

Jessica, She is my rock…or you could say she’s my inukshuk!  She is my age and she grew up in a small town also. She is my soul mate, I know that sounds horribly mushy but we truly are made for one another. We are the same people in different bodies, it’s weird. It’s something we talk about every few weeks. She is everything someone could ask for in a partner for life♥ She is the best mom in the world, Jessica is loyal, thoughtful, caring, sweet and most of important she happens to love me! We have been together for just over three years now & those years were filled with some highs and some lows but what kept me alive & happy in the end was my inukshuk! I love you, Jessica. I’m so lucky to have someone like you in my life!

Princess Charlotte. Charlotte is currently 2.5 proud years old! Born on October 3rd, Weighing in at 9 pounds 6 oz. She was a sure cone head and was also born with a broken color bone (same side as daddy broke; who’s sew matching now… lol) She is our beautiful daughter of just 1 year being together. She couldn’t have turned out to be a better child, we got SO lucky. She is crazy smart and loves to “GO” 24/7. She is just like her mom and dad, she really did get the best of both of us. It’s been a crazy journey ever since she was born but worth it every breath I take. Charlotte is blossoming into a beautiful girl and I’m so proud and thankful to be her daddy. She is my whole world♥

Someday’s I need/wish to be an octopus.

For real, though… 6 arms. 2 legs.

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