Adventure 2- Making The Schedule Chart

Adventure 2- Making The Schedule Chart

Want fewer tantrums?

As I mentioned before Charlotte and Daddy didn’t have a schedule as Mommy transitioned into work. Charlotte’s sense of security was broken and I honestly did my best as a dad to try and figure it out day-to-day. Day-to-day in my mind wasn’t good enough because this is the crucial part of our child’s learning and my daughter isn’t going to sit in front of a screen all day… like she physically won’t, she might sit through a movie if she likes it. Not that I’d put her there anyway!

Honestly before as a working/school dad, I had a schedule, I pretty perfect schedule which kept me stable and I enjoyed that very much. Toddlers are sticklers for predictability because a reliable schedule helps them feel safe and secure and that’s what we need as a family.

We’re getting their step by step and it hasn’t been easier to get going, get on a schedule, thanks to HomeCEOAcademy


I plan to show you a step by step how to create a schedule chart for your little one. I find this amazing as Charlotte can move the arrow around to the different parts of the day as we progress, its makes moving on to each activity fun and this way the day doesn’t feel so dull.

The more secure toddlers feel, the more they can focus on things like learning, exploring, and playing. The repetitiveness of the experiences helps lay down critical pathways in the brain and as you repeat things over and over, you make those connections stronger and stronger. The more robust those mental links become, the more confident and calm your little one will be, knowing that he can predict the next activity in his day.

That means they will be less anxious overall — and less prone to throwing temper tantrums.

Now isn’t that what we all want?

We have our theme board, circle time & daily schedule chart on the wall in our “Circle Time” dedicated spot. (If you have the curriculum this is “Storytime &Language” section) We do our daily boards but in conjunction we do story-time, our special song then we move on to Letters and sounds tubs. Flashcards are next they are a major hit! We don’t do different languages part because I only know a bit a Spanish and not enough to survive in that beautiful county so… Haha.

Would then move on to the “Censorial” section for the curriculum but that’s a whole different blog.

A lot of parents I’m seeing are seeking help, I seek out a lot of dads grounds/parent groups and SO many people are like me. There struggling, making ends meet, raising a child, etc. They all are like me seeking someone or something to help. I’m here to say I’m not that person but I’m here to help %100 and so is HomeCEOAcademy, and their curriculum provides stability, at least for me it does. Its hard-working humble parents like yourself seeking a way to organized freedom…right?

Do you want to know the best part so far? The huge team of families READY to help you on demand every step of the way! Ya… it’s that amazing.

Ok. Enough blog. We get it- get on a schedule!

Where did you get it and how do I build it?

I built mine because I didn’t know it wasn’t included in the original picture I saw that drew me in. HomeCEOAcademy did provide a beautiful 8.5 x 11 schedule that made it easy to navigate the day. I’m pleased to announce that a giant schedule that is currently being made for AGE 2-3 families and will probably be ready by the time you even read this! So don’t worry! In fact, its done now. See how fast there are! Check it out here.

You will print that out in an easy .pdf and cut it up to size. Laminate, choose which cards suit your day and build your own schedule because everyone is different. HomeCEOAcademy has you covered!


The blog should end here although no. I want a big-ass “daily schedule board” like the one I originally saw and drew me in. Ya… organization drew me in. I didn’t know it wasn’t a part of the curriculum because it blended in so well. I decided to take it upon myself and use that concept but blew the board up in size so Charlotte can engage also because that’s what’s truly important!


At the time of writing this, their board isn’t done and I’m in a rush. I spent all day moving things around yesterday and today should have been the day I mounted all my boards.It was something I set a goal to do and dammit I’m going to do it.

After done cutting them out I mocked them up on some cardboard. Nice and simple.


I took to adobe illustrator to make that happen because it was the easiest for me. To sum this up and make it sound easy I opened all 11 artboards and then added my text on each. Added some art beside the text to represent the best I could in the time I had- and BAM.

Print. Cut. Laminate. Hang on Wall.

Teach your child an awesome routine everyday!

The underbelly of it is a cardboard Uhaul box just like all the rest… it’s a cheat DIY that cost me nothing. I covered it in fabric for a nice look and reinforced the back with extra cardboard. Nothing fancy but it works. Hot glued everything in place. The back of the labels got a two-sided Velcro so I can rearrange the “cards” if I need to. At the moment the arrow is held on with sticky-tac but that will change soon.

Dad’s Thoughts


In the end, I couldn’t be happier with what I made. It took me 5 hours from start to finish and cost nothing. Just some DIY things from around the house. I bought nothing for this.

I recommend you try to make one for your family!

I will mount this on our wall properly but for now, I’m super tired and can’t even keep my eyes open!

Thank you for reading my blog! This in conjunction with the HomeCEOAcademy curriculum with put us on the track for success!

Get Your Add to dictionary Curriculum Below:

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Next Adventure: Setting Up The Theme Board

Thank You♥

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