Adventure 5- Week #1 RED

Adventure 5- Week #1 RED 

Oh my goodness, the first day (the 9th) and it’s 10:30 am, it’s quite here. That hasn’t happened ever, and I mean ever! I’m lucky if I get naptime by 1-2 pm every day and that causes her to stay up way too late! She’s a gazelle, Charlotte has way too much energy and I need to focus it constructively. Oh, I hope we only go uphill from here.

Week #1 here we GO!

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*Note* This is a long post. I’ve decided to structure this blog this way-> day by day! Next week (week #2- Blue) I will be blogging about the highlights of the curriculum moving forward and it will be short and sweet! I Promise. 

This homeschool curriculum will get us there because it’s already 10:39 am and I am sitting here blogging. That hasn’t ever happened before. I am personally taking this time to write as I’m horribly afraid I’ll fall behind on all this. Adding more to my plate helps me stay balanced but I still worry about not putting together a good homeschool blog at the same time. I feel when charlotte goes down I can get a bit down at a time throughout the week. Seems doable.  I’m also afraid these will be horribly long and won’t be read.  Although they really are for HomeCEOAcademy/ really everyone to better understand the curriculum. The good and the bad!

DAY 1 – 2017-01-09

We started the day off super early as that was my plan the entire time. We needed to get on a better time schedule. Charlotte wakes up anywhere from 5,6,7 and goes to bed at 10 or 11 with us.  It’s only been that way for a few months now but in NO way is that acceptable to us and we felt like we were failing because out toddler shouldn’t be going to bed that late. She would NOT go down any earlier. We checked forms and books and “they,” said 7 or 8 is a good bedtime. Ok, no problem. Every kid is different and we will do our best to shoot for that time closer to what is consider acceptable.

HomeCEOAcademy has a revised Weekly Summary Sheet that is now split into Daily & Weekly on the same page. The daily chart is extremely helpful as it lays out the day for you step by step order. Of course, do what you can and by no means push it because it won’t become fun anymore and everything breaks down.

Circle Time

Circle Time is first and that incorporates our All About Today board, it has Days of the Week board &  How’s The Weather which is a huge hit. It’s amazing to know my two-year-old is beginning to understand the days of the week. The weather we have a peek outside/go on the balcony for a bit to explore what the weather is like and then we come back in and move the corresponding weather side of the All About Today board.  We have great fun doing this and it’s a great start to the day!

Weekly Song is grouped in with Circle Time and up next for us was the song Way Up High In The Apple Tree.  Beautiful illustrations HomeCEO.  I must say all of these are audio as well on YouTube in different versions and they were cute…I guess.  Charlotte wasn’t a fan of them because daddy’s singing was way better. (haha) I’m glad she enjoyed it! I added in a secret apple as we sang which was out a snack to keep us focused as we are both distracted, to be honest. We loved the song that fit the theme, it was adorable. It will be for sure stuck in my head forever! She knows all the words at the end of the week and we sing and dance all the time! ts amazing!

Theme Board is in with circle time also. Up next on the daily activity list is the Theme Board. Our theme board is mobile so it can be brought down and be interactive. HomeCEO Academy provides great theme-based materials although it’s great fun to add extra stuff to your board to spruce it up. We took the time and went through each item, saying what each item was and moving on forward with the colors and shapes on the board and next to anything that she can pull down and touch. (we had a red crayon, foam block, gate, ball, Tetris piece stuck on as things she could pull down and learn all about them.  This latest a lot longer than I thought it would and if it’s like that every week then you have a happy daddy.

Language Wake Up & Warm Ups are the last thing we grouped in with circle time before we moved the arrow on our daily schedule chart. We started the Colors + Numbers 1-5 Flashcards and Charlotte was doing such a great job and I’m so proud of her progress. The cards were laminated and we are going to use them a bunch! It’s amazing every parent isn’t using this program! I will shout from the rooftops if I have to! Charlotte was getting tired at this point and she said “do-do” which is aka for daddy can I watch Doc Mc Stuffins and I said “no”. She melted down and then shut down. Preschool was over. Time for a shift in direction.  Day 1 can’t be over yet?

Charlotte was apparently tired as she has no problem tell us when she is as she just goes to lay down, it’s so big girl and melts my heart! We shifted direction into naptime anyway because that will mean an early bedtime and getting on that schedule I have bee talking about for weeks now. I managed to get most of this typed by then and I’m a happy dad. I don’t know where the line breaks, to be honest, but it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m not a robot.

We had an amazing first part of the day! Couldn’t have been any better and no problem sweetheart you may lay down for…


(do you get excited when your child lays down for a nap?)

Daddy was able to rest a bit.

After Charlotte woke up we took on a different fun activity.

Fine Motor Skills were next up on the Weekly things to do and we choose that as I know Playdough Charlotte was going to love! I said “Who wants to make a pizza, Charlotte said “I DOOOO” she jumped up and ran around with so much excitement! It was so cute. Seeing as she just woke up and was full of energy I needed something to be engaging yet we were about to make lunch, like real food for us to eat and this was perfect! HomeCEO Academy provides amazing Fine Motor Printables for all age ranges. I laminated the Pizza and Apple Tree back to back so she can use them forever, its great fun! As I decided what to make for lunch I noticed she had some of her kitchens out to make food as she always does which was cute and I was like “oh ya, red stuff” it worked with the theme and no I didn’t go out and buy red kitchen stuff just for the red week. We’re broke and I wish I could get different theme based toys each week, maybe a few. We will sure try our best! but no…. It just happened to be red (haha) 

Our day, to be honest, ended a bit early because mommy came home from work which let into not doing school anymore. It let into playing and being a family and moving the arrow to dinner, bathtime and then bedtime! Red jammies of course!

We love the schedule and are so thankful we came across Home CEO Academy. I’m so thankful. I’m finding a way to say thank you as I write this, I mean a better way to say thank you!

Tomorrow is a new day and new things to learn. New pictures. New moments and new memories!

The times she makes me laugh are truly imprinted in my soul!

Day 2 – 2017-01-10

Day two I honestly left blank right until the end of the week. That’s why it seems empty and out of place. Day two for us started amazing although a little still before nap she broke down over something so basic and I understand all the reasons why kids do the things they do as I read a lot about behaviors. I pushed it. I’m learning…. There wasn’t much to write here as I was upset with myself and didn’t blog it, my mistake. Won’t happen again.

Charlotte broke down over flash cards and more explained below.

Day #3 will be different…?

Day 3- 2017-01-11

I mentioned before that this entire experience is going to help charlotte and I focus on our strengths and weaknesses together as daddy and daughter. Well day two for us like I mentioned was a right off… the morning was fine but afternoon she broke down over the same thing. So today I changed almost everything.

I don’t know about your kids but my daughter is a whole different kid in the afternoon, she is the happiest girl the morning leading into the afternoon but once the afternoon hits she turns different. It’s an instant switch and the first two days I broke down in the evening when charlotte was sleeping because I felt like I was failing. Keep in mind my mood is in the sky I’m so happy and chipper and smiling to make it fun, I myself have to change into a teacher and that’s been so difficult to do, still nowhere there.

How teachers in school or parents with multiple kids deal with different personalities is amazing and I’m so eager to learn more. I don’t know how you do it! 

So I mentioned I changed the schedule. Well, today was night and day for us and I was pushing too much or it was too much of a change? I’m going to back off and do what I said I was going to do in the first place. Focus on our strengths and weaknesses together. The morning is always great and that stays the same for us. So Breakfast leads into Circle Time which has the All About Today Board (days of week & weather) I’m really enjoying that as I’m trying to make it as interactive as I humanly can. (vs just asking her the day or the weather and having her move the circle to the correct day) that didn’t seem nearly good enough so we go outside (even if’s it’s balcony) and we check out the weather, the birds, the outside, etc. (even if its takes us 30 minutes to get dressed and we only spend 5-15 minutes outside by the time you come back in and place the weather/talk about it… that’s an hour of your day gone)  Charlotte really does absorb everything…

Next, leads into our Song of the week which is the best thing to do after coming in from outside. We both sing and dance and be silly, all hard to explain I guess although it’s amazing fun and Charlotte knows all the words and I honestly want to take a video and share because song time is an amazing time. I incorporate a snack although that’s me and my strategies to feed my child. (as in more small meals throughout the day is better than just 3-google it)

Next,  we do Theme Board and I don’t need to explain that as I already have. We get through this no problem. Charlotte still seems like she wants to do more and I even ask and she says “yes” big smile and lots of energy and I go for the flash cards and go to ask colors and BREAKDOWN. I’m not sure as to why, and I mean she won’t talk anymore, head down, not answering and just ignoring the way toddlers ignore… you know. She shuts down and I didn’t understand why both days in a row. On the second night we came up with a new plan and today has been night and day! We have done them all before, she KNOWS her colors. Although when she won’t answer it freaks me out and I’m afraid there could be something wrong with her eyes, like color blind or something… you feel me? It’s just an odd feeling.

I’ll focus on what she loves because the curriculum covers everything, you can print and choose what you need and want to do. I am going to do that for the blue unit. Pick each day’s activities and have them grouped for each day ahead of time (Monday, Tuesday, etc) as right now I printed the whole red unit, going in a little bit hot. In turn, I’m dumping that on Charlotte and that wasn’t working. She is a super smart kid and I’m blessed but I will slow down a bit. It’s day #3.

What can I say, I get excited.

I’m Canadian!

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Day 4- 2017-01-12

Day 4 was much better structured for us this whole experience is figuring out our strengths and weakness and ill figure out how to better explain in the future but as for as day 4 goes it was as much better. There is a note provided by Home CEO Academy on the Age 2-3 Teachers Checklist page that really woke me up in a sense! Message received loud and clear! I did keep up the red games, though, one of them for a snack was a jar of chocolates with blue and one red candy. (we have bags from Christmas that we made use of, they were blue and red chocolates) a red candy in a jar and other games like that.

I focused on her strengths today in the curriculum and I’m learning my weakness also. One of them is not knowing when to move on. It’s been a very inspiring/challenging week for Charlotte and Daddy.

Day5- 2017-01-13

Day 5 was also night and day for us as the schedule is starting to sink in and I didn’t push at all. Activities are always fun but this time when she turned silly and gave up I moved on to a different activity. That’s what you’re always supposed to know I just don’t like it when she turns silly and gives up when clearly she knows the answer. That, to be honest, is my weakness and I will learn to give up and move on to the next fun thing.

Although day 5 was short for us because the week was a huge learning curve as I jumped in face first…

I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening getting blue unit printed and in binders, etc.


Well, there’s a tiny bit more. If you are not HomeCEO and you are still reading then thank you and going forward they will be short and sweet here on out. This week was going to be a learning curve and a day by day I thought was necessary. Moving on they WILL be shorter to focus more constructively on the curriculum. This blog was too long.



Thank You For Reading.

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Next Adventure- Week #2- Blue

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  1. Great read! Very interested in seeing how your experiences continues to play out as the program advances. Charlotte sounds extremely bright! How many hours on average does the program recommend per week? Are they full days?

    1. LifeOnADime

      Thank You for the comment, Im thrilled to see I have at least one reader! Home CEO Academy provides enough curriculum for full days, it’s by far the best value for money on the internet when it comes to homeschooling! The schedule part is up to you, the age 2-3 package is huge, to be honest. My daughter is geared towards the 2 side of it all and I was pushing too hard, although I now know our strengths and weaknesses a bit better. The first week was probably too much although it’s a learning curve and out of the 75 hours a week she’s awake, 25 of them were spent on school. Maybe too much? The curriculum is brilliant although it is what you make it!

  2. Amanda

    Charlotte is so lucky to have a Daddy like you! Keep up the great work!

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