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Feeding Your Toddler 1-3 Years

Daddy’s Thoughts To Eating Right When The Budget Is Tight

I noticed a lot of parents in my day-to-day out and about are struggling to figure out what to feed their toddler and it’s something we have had figured out for a while now. I thought I’d share my views on it. Maybe it will help? Maybe not.

Food is one of the most important things in our everyday lives. Food is fuel. Period. If you think of a car, it won’t run without gas… right? Well, humans won’t run without food. We need proper nutrient and for your toddler that has never ever been more important and the time is now!

canadas_food_guideThis is our “What Charlotte’s Eating” Page to give a little insight and maybe help some other families along the way! I have healthy meal ideas & healthy snack ideas for your toddler ranging from 1-3 years of age, don’t worry- it covers all 4 food groups and it follows Canada’s Food Guide!

*Note* I can’t stress this enough how important good quality food is. So many people don’t know about GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organism) Ie: putting steroids into your tomatoes to make them look pretty… Ya!  It’s real! (entirely different post altogether!) I can’t stress the importance of good food, so everything we feed our daughter has great research put into it to be sure its the best option. It may not be the cheapest but it’s our child’s health. I rather not eat for a little and give her the best possible food I can!

14We try to grow all of our own herbs which are bought extremely local and grown all natural. The winter more of less kills everything and with our small apartment we can’t bring things indoors or I would! During these months use what we have grown and dried. Surprisingly we have not run out yet but if we do buy local-non-GMO herbs.

My personal herbs. Picture from a few years ago when we moved (I couldn’t find a nicer looking one when they were in their prime and its winter now, so…) I made these few years ago for not very much money, held up since. We didn’t have a lot of space! I call it my “Vertical Garden”

We use these herbs to add flavor & extra nutrients to our meals.

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Below are our 7 easy meal and snack ideas for your toddler & even for you!

7 Easy Healthy Meal Ideas

  1. Crumpet with margarine, applesauce baked beans and milk (or water)
  2. Oatmeal, peaches and milk (or water)
  3. Toast with peanut butter and jam, banana and milk (or water)
  4. English muffin with honey (local), apple slices and milk (or water)
  5. Sweet potatoes, broccoli, beans, chicken and milk (or water)
  6. Grilled cheese, cucumber slices, apple slices and milk (or water)
  7. Eggs and cheese (scrambled, etc), blueberries and milk (or water)

7 Easy Healthy Snack Ideas

  1. Cheerios, yogurt and milk (or water)
  2. Banana slices, cookie and milk (or water)
  3. Crackers and cheese slices and milk (or water)
  4. Frozen peanut butter pop and milk (or water)
  5. Strawberries slices & pear slices and milk (or water)
  6. Popcorn and milk (or water)
  7. Graham crackers with applesauce for dipping and milk (or water)

Daddy’s Food Thoughts & Tips

Remember to try to make everything fun, there are so many creative ideas you can try, things you have never done before, never tried & never made but get creative and have fun with your children, you could freeze the yogurt and make little pops, in fact anything can be made into a frozen pop or a frozen treat. (lay down wax paper and lay your treat and freeze) . Keep in mind that you can substitute milk for water or %100 orange juice and change-up the fruit as you see fit, this is just what we like. My daughter loves frozen treats just like her daddy so most treats I try to freeze.

Snacks are Good! – I’ve been hearing that it’s bad to let your toddler munch constantly throughout the day. Such as eating all-the-time can lead to overeating and an overweight tot. Well, parts are true, yes…that’s just not that case if your child is healthy. Food is fuel. Constant play really in theory means constant eat, or munch. Snacks are a really good thing but I do agree to have a schedule with “meal” times.

Keep snack time safe!- Letting your little one nibble while she’s lying down, crawling around or walking can be a choking hazard. Instead, only offer up snacks when your toddler is sitting up, either in a highchair or a booster seat.

Don’t forget a snack before bed!- A toddler’s blood sugar can dip during a night’s sleep, which can lead to your little one waking up before they should. A snack before bedtime will help them settle sooner and sleep better. For bedtime snacks, try crackers and cheese with milk as there a hit for us. Avoid chocolate, which has caffeine and may keep your toddler awake for longer.

Now with all that being said…

Keep in mind that we do eat other things. We splurge on the occasional pizza or delivery food. Charlotte doesn’t get that, she will get something else special for dinner. Although we try to stick to this because we know it give us the fuel and nutrition we need- plus it fills our belly’s!… but if your reading this and struggling then hopefully you get the point and can alter it how you see fit and make it work for your family.

It’s cheap, keeps the food groups and more importantly, it doesn’t break the bank week to week!

*Note* This page will change (as I’m adding pictures of all the meals and the brands we use) as well as a complete list of what this costs from week to week if you want to follow along. This page will change from time to time so don’t forget to add your email and stay up to date with the food changes and upcoming posts!

If in any way this has inspired you or helped you in any way please comment below!

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