What toy do you despise the most?

What toy do you despise the most?

Helping my daughter clean up her room has trigged this post. It’s not a long read and I only ask two questions of you. 

Hello, fellow parents!

I just ask two questions at the end although let me quickly explain why this post came to light.  I mean we all love our little ones and we want them to have fun regardless of how they do it.

Right? (of course staying safe in the process)

…although it doesn’t matter if to me how that fun is achieved. So many things our kids consider fun, it could be reading a book softly, squishy playdough time, running around, tea parties, daddy dinosaur or anything else that plain makes our kids happy!

I have never been known to not like a toy, I don’t mind how much noise they make or how much mess they make. I feel like I am pretty open and acceptable to everything. Mind you growing up I didn’t have much and I want to give my daughter everything so I honestly try to keep an open mind about all toys and by playing with what she wants it allows her to be herself.


This post came to light because I’ve come to despise a certain toy. In fact, if my daughter wouldn’t freak out I would donate this toy to another family in the building and be done with it. On the other hand, this toy was a gift from my wife’s brother. We are so grateful of course although since Christmas these have caused such havoc in my life and I’ve come to hate the damn shits.

What toy do I despise the most?

I have come to absolutely HATE the “balls” in the BallPit. There are so many neat ball pits that contain the balls are at least try. This ball pit DOES NOT and is sad, the balls end up all over our place!  They somehow end up always in the worst spots possible and they are always under foot which personally is something I can’t stand.  Every time I move I feel like I’m stepping on another damn ball!

If you want to get a gift for someone to secretly annoy them, get them a ball pit.

It really has been like tiny hell.

So I ask you, parents!

What toy do you despise the most & where did it come from?

Thank You for reading♥

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