What’s Your Special Place?

I’ve actually wanted to write this blog for while although I had no idea of the direction I wanted to take it.

I’m apart of several groups, whether it be parenting or dad groups and one common thing across the groups always is a question like this.

“How Do You Vent?”

I find that most people joke about this and don’t give a real answer. I mean as parents we are stressed every day, everyone deals with stress different and that is totally fine. The part I find disturbing is most answers are “oh we have drinks at night” OR “hide away with a drink” Does everyone just drink their frustrations? I personally don’t drink and haven’t in two years. I don’t fancy wasting my money on a beverage that makes me feel like shit anymore. I have better things to save for!

I answer this type of question like this:

(This is just a longer version!)

Trap Nation All Day Every Day

Yeah, I listen to music! Everyone rocked out to music as kids/teenagers and relieve stress that way. Right! A number of parents that seem to stop listening to music because of their kids are alarming.

What happened?

Oh, we had kids!

That’s what happened!

How am I suppose to rock out with a newborn/toddler/twins?


I get it! Although don’t just stop listening to music altogether! That’s crazy. Go find that old song you used to love and JAM out! Dance in front of your kids, they will love it, or even dance with them if you can! If that isn’t your thing then try buying a pair of headphones and JAM out that stress! I’ve done a blog on the pair I have and use here, if interested. Then JAM out at naptime.

Maybe change genre?

I listened to silly music as a kid that I clearly don’t listen to anymore. It’s funny how times change although if you need to seek out new music then I say go for it!

Hundreds of genres out there. Go explore! Go have a listen!

I personally fell into everything Trap Nation and have been listing to it for years now. I listen to pretty much every genre, even country, although somehow at the end of it all I look up and its TrapNation playing on the phone. Everything on their YouTube list I’ve heard. It’s what I’m listing to right now in fact.

So parents!

Maybe it’s not music, maybe something else altogether, maybe more physical like the gym or a jog, maybe a cuddle and a movie with some ice cream. Maybe you only get away once a year and hold all your stress in for the weekend away with the guys/ladies. Whatever it may be I ask that you share below and take the chance to help others that are too curious!

How Do You Vent? / What Is Your Special Place?

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