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Parent Handbook- Suggestions for Movies

whatwearewatching.pngIf you’re finding your movie choice dull and need a suggestion on some other amazing kids movies then have a look at what we are watching…We personally have hundreds of movies although I’m only going to post the movies you NEED to watch if you have children. These are the movies that have so much deeper meaning and if you’re struggling in any way I find they are worth a watch. Especially if you haven’t seen them before! They happen to be some of Charlotte’s favorites.

I moved this section from reviews to this category because I don’t need to give you a review on them all, you can seek that else where. If there posted here it’s for a reason, a short to the point reason of why? you should watch them. You can make your own review.

At times we sometimes struggle as parents and it’s because we’re parents, were adults, we don’t think like a child. So how does an adult live an everyday adult life with a toddler/child/ren/etc. Do you get the point? It’s hard sometimes… You have to get into the mindset of a little one and the best way to do that sometimes is for everyone to kick back, relax and watch a movie!

This page will update from time to time!

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Inside Out

1This movie is at the top for a reason. A must watch. If you have kids or not. Watch to the end past the credits. Feel free to come back here and comment after. Enjoy! Get inside out here.



 The Iron Giant

the_iron_giant_2015_re-release_posterThere have been many movies over the years and deserve praise although nothing in my mind is more heart-warming than The Iron Giant. It truly gets a rank all on its own! It captures the real spirit of a family film hands down.

Anyone who hasn’t seen this film must go out and buy see it immediately because you are missing out on one of the perfect family films ever conceived. I personally like Vin Diesel and it’s awesome how he’s the voice of The Iron Giant. A family favorite. Get The Iron Giant here.




The Secret Life Of Pets 

pts_wild_gidget5_rgb_0325_1What can I say about this besides its hilarious. I mean it’s personally one of my favorite movies. Tiberius the hawk is so perfect and has me laughing to this day!  I’ve seen this so many times and its Charlotte favorite movie, she doesn’t ever seem to get tired of it. If was Americas #1 biggest movie and merchandise clothes, toys etc are spread across superstores so I’m sure you have heard of it. But have you seen it? It deserves a spot on our list for sure.

Get The Secret Life Of Pets here.





movie_poster_zootopia_866a1bf2This is another super important movie to watch regardless if you have kids because of the messages that lay beneath. Everyone in the world can relate someway to this movie and because of that its a must watch. It’s genuinely deep. Your kids will have fun watching this movie and everyone watching will learn valuable morals.

Please appreciate it for what it truly is and you will understand its real meaning. Get Zootopia here.






mv5bmtg2mtmymzu0m15bml5banbnxkftztgwotu3odk4nte-_v1_uy1200_cr9006301200_al_We love all minion movies. Despicable me 1 & 2 are always great although my daughter gets a kick out of this movie a little a bit more than the other two.

It always seems to make her giggle!


Who doesn’t love minions? Get a copy here.





Finding Dory

uk_finding-dory_mgpt_hank_n_6a599b9dIs it weird that Charlotte won’t sit through Finding Nemo but she will sit through and love finding dory… hmm. I wonder if because Ellen plays in it. Oh, how I love Ellen!

This one doesn’t really need any more praise.

It’s just awesome. Swim over to a copy here.





Monsters University

monsters_university_poster_3Don’t get me wrong. I love the first movie, although I found it slow. Kids lose the original story because of boring conversations in the middle. Monsters University is way more dramatic and has a lot more going on for it. The animation is fantastic, are they are so many more monsters and personalities in everyone. More to keep the little one’s focus and it’s fantastic.

I hope you like it too! Grab a copy here.





Big Hero 6

big-hero-6-movie-poster-disneyCrazy hate on this movie which I don’t understand really… I think people just like to rip things apart because they have no life. Big Hero 6 is a film for children ya….although adults will easily enjoy watching this animated superhero action-comedy too. It does have an emotional side which is the reason it’s on this list.

It’s about getting deep and connected, ya maybe even crying…

Get a copy and see for yourself here.





open-uri20150422-12561-17yo1p6_142a7bbdA lot of people I know didn’t like this one too but it’s about getting deep and being connected and that truly what it’s about!

Up is a very deep movie that will make you think about the importance of life, love, friendship and to let go of the past in order to continue living the present. It’s truly an amazing movie that you won’t regret watching if you haven’t seen it.

A film that captures everything little kids & full-grown adults will love.

Get Up here.




downloadIt doesn’t matter if you know of Paddington as a cuddly soft toy, or is you have never heard of his walking, talking, marmalade-loving bear. Paddington is a big, warm bear hug of a film, one that will enchant children and tickle adults, even as it grabs just about everyone by the heart with its charm and humor.

A must see! Get it here.





Horton Hears A Who

mv5bmti3nda3ode0n15bml5banbnxkftztcwnje0mzu1mq-_v1_uy268_cr30182268_al_Love Seth Rogen? Did you ever wonder if we were just a spec? maybe we are the tiny ones? and those others are controlling us!

Ever wonder want its like to have 97 kids?

Maybe this is the perfect movie for you and your little one!

who am I kidding. (haha) It’s a perfect movie!





I do understand there are so many amazing ones to choose from but if this list has helped you in any way please feel free to comment below!

Get a copy of Horton here.

If you need more ideas you can click on this link for ->  Top 100 Kids & Family Movies


What can I say besides we don’t really watch a whole a lot of TV. Although my daughter knows every Pokemon and loves her Doc Mc Stuffins. It’s really the only shows she’s every liked. We honestly didn’t sit in her front of the screen as a baby so we didn’t watch a lot of the baby shows… although we have seen our fair share of them!

16968240_1300x1733Doc Mc Stuffins

This show teaches great values in every single episode. It’s always a great show as we watch at least an episode every day for breakfast.  Charlotte ardors Doc Mc Stuffins and all of her animals. The theme songs she sings along with every day, it’s a major hit. She also gives all her toys check ups and is a very well mannered little girl because of this show.

It’s that good!



As a small child I loved Pokemon, I watched it every day- even collected the cards and kept them in a binder. I lost touch in my teenage years as the show carried on. I recently just got back in touch with the Pokemon GO game/app on your phone and because of that honestly the TV show. It’s truly an awesome series.

Every episode can be found online here

You’re Welcome.


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